Sunday, 16 April 2017

Review | Tony Moly Pokémon Cushion Foundation and Blush

I could not believe my eyes when I saw Shaaanxo's video and she was using a Pikachu foundation! I loved Pokemon as a child and I hate to think how much my mum spent on cards for me and my brother.

Tony Moly Pokemon Makeup

I have always been drawn to Korean makeup and skincare and only recently whilst in Edinburgh was I brave enough to pick up some Etude House skin care (review coming soon). I asked on one of the makeup groups I'm in on Facebook as the best places to pick some up as I had come across BeautyNetKorea when one of the lovely girls directed me to their eBay page!

I love eBay as it always end up suggesting me new ideas and products I haven't and wouldn't use look for and Nectar points! (I'm a loyalty point and coupon-aholic)

Tony Moly Pokemon Pikachu Foundation Cushion

I was quite caution of the colour range as I'm super pale (think lighter than NW10), however the swatches didn't look too dark so I risked it for Pikachu! I ordered the shade #1 Skin Beige, it costs around £7.54 (exchange rates due fluctuate) with free shipping and it could be the tiniest bit lighter but as long as I blend down my neck it is all good. If anyone tried the L'Oreal cushion foundation, this is much lighter than the lightest shade.  There is also the shade #2 Warm Beige.

Tony Moly Pokemon Foundation Swatch Skin Beige

I've worn this all day to work (for me that's applying at 5:15am and getting home at 4:30pm, it lasted all day except my nose needed a touch up (note I wear glasses and an oily tzone!) and would say the coverage is a good medium cover, it leaves a satin finish and has a lovely neutral undertone, slightly on the warmer side.

I used the little pokéball applicator pad but using a flat top dense face brush would also work well. I am yet to try with a beauty blender.

Tony Moly Pokemon Foundation Swatch Skin Beige

The Pikachu blusher is also a cushion product and there are 3 shades available; Pink Fantasy, Rose Coral and Peach Orange. I chose Pink Fantasy as Rose Coral always seems to be out of stock :( Coming in a relatively cheap price of £7.91.

Tony Moly Pokemon Foundation Swatch Skin Beige

The blusher also comes with the same pokéball applicator which I was a little bit cautious of, thinking it would be too big for my face however it works really well. I also like using the Zoeva 110 Face Shape brush to bounce and blend.

For a really healthy and fresh look I love these two products and would highly recommend checking them out. I cannot recommend the BeautyNetKorea eBay higher, they sent out so quick and popped in 4 free samples as well, I want to try out some more products from them and the Tony Moly Pokemon range!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx