Monday, 19 September 2016

Review | Viktor&Rolf BonBon Couture Fragrance*

Viktor&Rolf, making signature fragrances since 2005. I was always drawn to Flowerbomb since I received a sample in a magazine and dreamed of one day to have it on my dressing table. Then BonBon was released, a sweet fragrance in an even sweeter bottle. Bonbon Eau De Parfum has had an upgrade, meet Bonbon Couture*.

For the ladies who persevere after a elegant yet fresh scent, with fruity top notes yet musky with sandalwood and vanilla base notes, this is the scent. Bonbon Couture is described as a more opulent, intense interpretation of the original Bonbon. With similar packaging, in the pink bow shape, it looks perfect on a vanity or perfume table.

Bonbon Couture Viktor and Rolf

It fits in well with my white bedroom, next to my other scents, but I'm definitely being drawn to it more often as we continue through September. When the parcel arrived at my house, I spritzed it over myself and went out to work. My client came downstairs and was memorised by the scent and wanted to know exactly what I was wearing.

The fragrance last around 6 hours before I need one or two quick sprays to top up, this is pretty good going as for me I never find any scents last more than around 4 hours except my Library of Fragrance cologne*.

Bonbon Couture Viktor and Rolf

Available at Selfridges from September 14th, Bonbon Couture* can be purchased in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml starting at £57.

I can't help but feel glamorous with this perfume, the scent, the design and the name, every girl needs Viktor and Rolf, I can't live without it now. Please excuse my grown out nails in this photograph, I was awaiting on my holographic dust powder, I'm so excited to try it!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Review | Sindt Frames*

Wow, I bet you're shocked to see a blogpost from me, I recently started a new full time job, a new place and so much other craziness blogging took a back seat! But I'm back, just in time for my favourite season of Autumn.

Going back to the new job, I now work full time in an office staring at a screen all day. Don't get me wrong, I love my job but my eyes hate me. I was an avid contact lens wearer however with the air con and the need to look at the screen the whole time it just didn't work. My eyes were struggling. Back to glasses I go.

I didn't want to be the speccy girl in the office, even though lots of other girls and guys wore glasses, I'd always felt a bit meh in mine however, designer glasses are expensive. I hate paying a lot for them, as I can't help my eyes being bad at their job! However this is where come in.

Online Glasses, Doctor Quality is there tag line and they're right. With my prescription in my hand I could try out glasses online and get them shipped straight to my door, no need to worry about picking up (except from your neighbour who had been weighed down with my holiday post, sorry!) and I was set. Sindt - Black

Eyeglasses online have been a bit wary when I've been discussed it with older family members however with my friends and colleagues, they all love the idea. I was super cautious of them turning up and being the completely wrong prescription however when trying them on, they're pretty great! And shining clean which, makes a change for me!

The best bit is the 'try on' section where you can try them out with pictures of yourself or the stock images to see how they sit on your face, and I think I chose pretty well. I picked up the frames Sindt* in black and I really like them. They are really comfortable as well. Sindt - Black

You can also pick up prescription sunglasses, as a driver I can't live without!  So are you needing another pair of glasses if yours didn't last the Summer? I know I am happy with mine! I have a coupon code for you guys GSHOT50 gives you all 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded). Let me know what frames you pick!

Toodle pip till next time xxx

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Mini Haul | Superdrug 3 for 2 Haul

Superdrug 3 for 2 deals are dangerous. You have the whole makeup section including nails and lashes to explore to find your deals. I loved the Christmas sale and managed to get 3 items for The Balm Cosmetics and saved £16! This time it was more of a budget bargain hunt ;)

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Iridescent Gold Gosh Natural Blush 39 Electric Pink Miss Sporty 24hr Eye Liner Plump Up Booster Waterproof

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters are a drugstore staple, so I picked up Iridescent Gold. The brilliant sides to the highlighters are: lightweight, blendable, cruelty free and only £3! What?! £3 for 7.5g of product, brilliant. I already own the shade Pink Shimmer for about 2 years now and I still haven't hit pan. I am so happy to have the gold shade now which works on my perfectly pale skin, I just wish that MUA would do a white highlighter now!

GOSH is a more extravagant brand to me however they are a Superdrug own/exclusive brand. I have purchased a couple of bits from them before but I wanted something to make the most of the 3 for 2 by picking up a slightly more expensive item that a few pounds. The Natural Blush is in the shade Electric Pink was £7.99 and for the price, I'd expect it to blend slightly better than it does. I love the colour and the pigment is the right amount to blend out but I need to try with a different brush I think.

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Iridescent Gold Swatch Gosh Natural Blush 39 Electric Pink Swatch Miss Sporty 24hr Eye Liner Plump Up Booster Waterproof Swatch

Miss Sporty eyeliner has never caught my eye. I've known of drugstore liners being favourited but then I never remember which one to get once I get to Superdrug/Boots. Miss Sporty clear mascara was one of my first makeup products and I still have one for brow setting now!  I saw Emily Canham on YouTube talk about Miss Sporty Eyeliner in one of her videos so I thought I'd give the Plump Up Lash Waterproof Eye Liner a go. Plus it ended up being free!

Have you picked up any goodies in the 3 for 2?
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Empties | March

And that's another month gone! My March has been a whirlwind and I'm so pleased to announce that my boyfriend Jeff has moved in with me! It's amazing, a bit tense at times, but lovely to have him around! I plough through body creams at the moment and slather myself into a slippery slide every night to keep myself hydrated after a shower. Out of these whopping 6 I have finished, I have to say out of all them my favourite scent would have to be the Nip + Fab Coconut Latte Body Butter which is a disappointment as they don't make it anymore! L'Occitane stash from my mum was slowly going down with me using up two mini body lotions, Pivoine Floral Beauty Milk and Shea Ultra Rich Body Lotion, the shea one is absolutley amazing and I'd love to be able to justify a full size one! I love Raspberry and Blackberry Body Butter would be the most affordable empty from this photo and it smells gorgeous and the I love range is taking over the shelves with fun and fruity scents available in Superdrug and I Love... direct and sometimes pound stores!

L'Occitane Body Lotion For Dry Skin I Love Raspberry and Blackberry  The Body Shop Body Butter Strawberry Nip+Fab Coconut Latte Dry Skin Fix Body Butter L'Occitane Creme Ultra Riche Corps Apricot Flower

Schwarzkopf Got2B Oilicious Impulse Very Pink Clynol Luminious Oil Justin Bieber Perfume Lee Stafford Growth Mask

Haircare is high on my list at the moment as I have recently topped up my ombre to give it more of a clean look rather than the few little darker patches in it at the moment so it needs lots of TLC. I wrote a post about my love for the Clynol Luminous Oil range and the shampoo is lovely. I'm still using the mask but I'd love to get another of these shampoos. Schwarzkopf got2b Oil-Licious styling oil is a holy grail for me, it's so lightweight and can be used at any point during your haircare routine. I like it mostly when my hair is dry as it tames down my curly frizz and also nourishes it and can be used daily. Already started by back up! Lee Stafford Growth Mask is a product I started using when I first ombréd my hair at the end of 2015. I wasn't sure on how it would affect me as I've always been cautious of applying products to my roots as they used to get so greasy immediately however this mask has not only helped my hair grow but it has definitely placed out my oil out and made it grow a lot faster. Normally my hair hasn't noticeably grown but in about a month it's grown back to before it was cut, that is very fast for me! I was super lucky to pick up another couple of back ups on a 2 for £10 saving over £6!

2 scents I've finished up from my childhood. I store perfumes and body sprays forever and it was time to say goodbye to these favourites from my secondary school self. Justin Bieber Someday was bought for me by mum when I first ever went shopping in London and it was released exclusively to Harrods, I was in awe. I can't say I like his music anymore since I turned about 14 but the scent is actually pretty nice and fruity. The Fragrance Shop description is 'a splash of fruity mandarin, pear and wild berries, continues with fresh notes of jasmine and creamy florals and ends with warm hints of vanilla and soft musk' . I thought I'd include the Impulse bottle for a bit of a joke too! I found 15 bottles stored in my room when I blitzed it in the Summer and gave away all the new ones to a friend of mine who uses them to top up at work but I am finally working through the 6 or so I kept as they were half started! Oh the memories!

Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic Nivea Q10 AntiWrinkle Eye Cream Benefit Stay Don't Stray Supercat Eyeliner Essence Liquid Ink

Skincare wise I used up a couple of Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic which I have finally switched up to a different toner to give it a trial to see if I can save some pennies! It is lovely though and I wouldn't change it if it was just a little bit cheaper, it lasts forever though don't get me wrong! Nivea Q10 Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream has been in my last few skincare routines and it is a good affordable eye cream (when on offer!) and did help to keep my undereyes moisturised and I don't really see many dark circles just a bit of blue veining.

2 eyeliners gone from my horde, yay! Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner* was a PR sample I'll never forget it was amazing! So easy to apply and I love the finish, I already have bought another and it's on the go. Soap and Glory SuperCat was the eyeliner that taught me how to wing, if only the pigmentation lasted a bit longer before it half dried up in the pen I would be using this everyday for a quick easy wing. Benefit Stay Don't Stray is a great primer and I think I prefer to Urban Decay Primer potion but I have found out that the Essence I heart Stage Eye Primer is identical! Dupe alert! Makeup Revolution Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray was the original setting spray I tried, but it's never in stock when there is offers on as it is so good!

Superdrug Shower Gel Orange and Satusma Strawberry and Raspberry Avon Mrs Frosty Bubblebath Yves Rocher Shower Gel Pomme

Bubble baths and shower gels are an addiction of mine, I have about 12 to use up and I keep buying them when I see new scents on offer! Damn you Tesco Beauty! I hated the Avon Mr and Mrs Frosty Bubblebath Mousses as I couldn't for the life of me squeeze any out till my Dad casually saw me struggling and popped the funnel cap off and it poured out like a dream! Always ask Dad if you're stuck!
My friend gave me the two mini Superdrug shower gels as a part of my birthday present as she knew I was always back and forth to my boyfriend's on the aeroplanes and these fitted through in hand luggage. I much preferred the scent of the Strawberry and Raspberry but the consistency of the Orange and Satsuma. The last empty is a limited edition shower gel from Yves Rocher, they sadly don't make this scent anymore but it was gorgeous! It was Apple and Star Anise and now I realise that I'll always be a fruity not a floral girl!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Monday, 21 March 2016

Review | InstaNatural Argan Oil*

Oils, something I would never hate thought would have become an everyday item in my skincare and haircare routines 4 years ago. I had never heard of oils being used except in massage but I honestly can't live without now. I've recieved a few products from InstaNatural across the last 12 months but the 100% Organic Argan Oil has been one of my all time favourites.

InstaNaturals 100% Organic Argan Oil

I was sent this item to review and leave my honest response on Amazon and it was a good review. 100% oils tend not to smell amazing, this is because there have been no added scents to hide the pretty basic smell. It smells quite nutty but it is bareable; my mum doesn't notice the scent so I think I've just got a luxury noise that's lived its life with added scents and flavours. I am tempting to add a a few drops of lavendar oil to make it smell slightly better!

InstaNaturals 100% Pure Certified Organic Argan Oil

It comes with a screw cap and the pump separate, this really helps to ensure no leakage on shipment. You can keep the screw cap if you'd prefer to use it on your skin and would need a larger amount but the pump cap works for little miss clumsy here!

InstaNaturals 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil

I've used this 4oz bottle since last September (2015) and it is still going strong as I use it twice or three times a week on dry hair as I found it is a bit too heavy for my hair. It has really helped to be part of the revival of my bleach destroyed hair from Summer 2014, my hair was fried and still growing out and through and I did not touch my hair with dye for 18 months till the end of last year. It helped me along the way to keep my hair soft and shiny with my new ombré.

I highly recommend the brand and have tried a few other products from them too! I really want to try out a face serum next, what have you tried?
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Mother's Day with Ocean Loans*

We all known times can get tough very quickly, I got made redundant on the 22nd December and it's been really quite tough since. I am self employed but with college and still a small start up business I do find some weeks scraping the barrel! I didn't want to think about it that it was my brother's and dad's birthday and Mother's Day all within a few days of each other when I'd had a rather quite few weeks of work and have a car on finance!

This is where Ocean Loans stepped in! I got £50 to spend and enjoy with my mum and not worry about the finances! It was nice to go out for dinner, we choose Frankie's and Benny's for somewhere relaxed and we could go just the two of us, and not have to worry about choosing the cheapest item on the menu! I had a Mac Stack Burger and my mum had New York Chicken. I didn't remember to take a picture before, but we certainly cleared the plates!

Frankie and Benny's

Plus I wasn't worrying about trying to keep the bill under £20 I got to have a dessert, I choose to have a mixed ice cream and mum had some sort of sundae! It really shows you have more fun when you're not worrying about the bill as I ate mostly everything whereas normally I'm so pent up I don't relax to enjoy my meals. Please excuse the photos it was very very dark!

Frankie and Benny's Desserts

Sanctuary Spa With Love Gift

With £20 still to spend I got Mum a gift from Boots. She always loved Sanctuary Spa since I was little and it's something I always recommend to people looking for gifts for their mums or woman in their life! This is the With Love Gift Set and I have to say I'm disappointed they have flown off the shelves and they look amazing! It contained all full size products and is worth £45 and I got it for the bargain of £19! She absolutely loved it and really wasn't expecting anything else except the meal as she knew my brother was useless and I'd taken her out for dinner! It was great to see her have a nice day as it was the first Mother's Day where she didn't have her mum :(

Sanctuary Spa Moisture Burst Facial Wash 5 Minute Theraml Detox Mask Velvety Hand Cream

Sanctuary Spa White Lily Damask Rose Wash Foaming Creamy Bath Soak

I'd love to say a huge thank you to Ocean Loans for being there when I needed them and I'd love to share with you if you're struggling at the moment and need a little to tide you over then head over to their website and check them out to see if it'll suit you to not have to worry about your finances for a special treat day.

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Review | Lime Crime Velvetines

Oh my goodness, I have come across such wonders. Lime Crime Velvetines are not a new product by any stretch of the imagination, however they are new to me. I have heard all of the stories about the scandals but response will be, use Paypal. There are currently 22 shades in the Velventine collection and I proudly own 8 of them. I ordered 4 of mine directly through Lime Crime before Christmas when they had a free shipping to the UK over $50, roughly £30, that included taxes and customs so no nasty costs at my end, then the further 3 on their Valentines Day free shipping deal and I bought another from a lady on one of the makeup selling groups I'm in on Facebook.

Lime Crime are PETA verified vegan and Leaping Bunny verified cruelty free, which is amazing for not only the animals but gives vegans and cruelty free advocates a chance for amazing makeup!

Lime Crime Velvetines

I currently have Buffy, Faded, Shroom, Polly, Riot, Beet It, Salem and Jinx; my brother kindly paid for Riot and Jinx for my Christmas presents and I love my collection. I also own a Perlees lipstick but that'll be for another post. Teddy Bear and Cashmere would be my next to get but 8 is a lot for now! They stock currently at £14.05 (please note varying exchange rates!) on Lime Crime direct, who cover your taxes within the shipping cost and you can pay via PayPal for payment protection or Love Makeup in the UK where it is £13.95.

Lime Crime Velvetines Buffy Faded Shroom Polly Riot BeetIt Salem Jinx Swatch

I'll describe them from left to right in the swatches. Buffy is described as a buff nude. For me it's a true neutral nude, and is really flattering when paired with a bright eye or a neutral look.
Faded is described as a light mauve colour, it's a pale lilac pink to me. I like this shade as it's wearable yet slightly alternative. Lime Crime is known as being a bit of an out there brand but they still do stock many everyday wearable shades suited to all!
Shroom is described as a 90s brown, I'd say light, slightly yellowey brown. That doesn't sound very flattering but when I wore it, I loved it.
Polly is one of my latest shades only receiving last week. It's a proper pink and I find it quite a simple shade really. I think this one would suit most people!

Lime Crime Velvetines Buffy Faded Shroom Polly Riot BeetIt Salem Jinx Swatches

Riot is a red brown, I was worried at first it wouldn't work for me as I'm not a great fan of brown toned reds rather than blue toned reds however I love it. Most comparable Marsala, last year's colour of the year, it's my grown up colour haha!
Beet It is described as a deep berry pink and it's spot on! Berry colours look great on my pale skin and I think it'd be great as a quick simple eye liner flick and berry lip as it looks put together and can transition between daytime and nighttime looks.
Salem is described a true brown. It is the second darkest I own and was most drawn to buy it because of KathleenLights wearing it in the linked video. I've only been brave enough to wear it once so far as I've missed key wearing season but next Autumn I'll make sure to rock it more!
Finally, Jinx is an eggplant (aubergine to us Brits) shade. I also got inspiration from my favourite Youtuber of all time Brittany Balyn on how to wear this shade. She's amazing and wants me to have my hair pastel colours to coordinate with this lip.

Lime Crime Buffy Velvetines Wand

The wands slightly vary between the different velvetines and I'm trying to work out if it's newer design to have a shorter doe foot or it is just random between the shades. Buffy and Shroom have the shorter doe foot as shown above and the rest have the longer applicator. I don't really see the difference between the application of either wand.

Lime Crime Faded Velvetines Wand

I do find I need to use a lip liner to aid me with my wobbly hands but it is not needed for longevity or ease of application, I'm just shaky somedays. The velvetines last me a good 4 hours if I eat oily foods or I've had it last 10 hours before when my lunch hasn't been super oily or anything! They don't transfer onto cups or food or my boyfriend but they will remove some of the colour if you rub your fingers roughly against your lips.

Have you got any Velvetines? Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Empties | January and February

It's that time again, the start of the month clear out of all the empty bottles and pots I've had hanging around much to my family's confusion!

Superdrug Vitamin E Oat Scrub Origins High Potency Night A Mins Make a Difference Plus Burt Bees Deep cleansing cream Simple rich mosituriser

Skincare was my biggest clear out for the months, I really wanted to empty my skincare drawer so I could reorganise it into better more accessible ways and to use up lots of products that I have had hanging around for ages. A mixture of high end and drugstore, let's hit the high end first. Both of my Origins mosisturisers I have been holding onto to last as long as I could as I loved them and they are so expensive. Origins High Potency Nit-A-Mins is a mineral rich mosituriser that is suited to combination/dry skin which mine definitely is during either the Summer or that time of the month! It's thick and creamy but soaks in quite fast. When I tried to use it a few times I wasn't sure if it was the moisturiser or another thing but definitely most suited to those 2 times of the month. Origins Make-a-Difference Plus+ is my all time favourite night cream. I love the scent and the way it applies, it is a super rich and I did a full review here! I used up a large sample of the Burt Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream too, I really wasn't sure on the scent but I used it willingly, I don't think I will repurchase this however I think I'd love to try the Orange Essence Cleanser.

Superdrug Vitamin E collection has taken my love by miles! I'm currently using 2 of the moisturisers from the range and once I crack through my rest of my skincare I'll be sticking to this range from now on! It's so affordable with the average price being about £2.99 for the products. Superdrug Vitamin E Exfoliating Facial Scrub contains bits of oatmeal as well as grains to help exfoliate yet mositurise the skin to ensure it's smooth and soft. It does get a bit messy with the oats but it's nothing a quick rinse of the sink can't solve. I can't praise the collection enough. Another drugstore mosituriser would be the Simple Rich Moisturiser, I've praised it a lot of the time but I don't find it rich enough for night creams for my dry skin so I used it up throughout the day time. It's lightweight yet nourishing but I think it really has been pushed back by Superdrug - however if you prefer bottles to pots, this is for you!

Avon Winter Rose Bubble Bath Wilko Kiss Face Foam Wash

Christmas still was hanging in my bathroom with Avon Winter Rose Bubble Bath, I always have loved Avon bubble baths and will always purchase them. It smelled lovely and created lots of bubbles, nothing more I can say really! Kiss Face Foam was mentioned in my Winter Skincare Routine; it wasn't too harsh on my dry skin, it just evaporated/sunk in very quickly. Unfortunately Wilko don't stock the whole range anymore but parts of the Kiss range is still available instore and online.

Simple Micellar Water Essence The Lash Curler Mascara Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter

My other Simple empty was the Simple Micellar Water, I liked this but it's not as good as my Garnier one but I'm currently on the hunt for a cruelty free alternative (Simple are, the parent company Unilever is not) - might have to give Superdrug a hunt as Superdrug own brands are 100% cruelty free! Soap and Glory Sugar Crush range reminds me so much of my boyfriend and I first getting together as it was bought for a holiday where we bonded the most; Sugar Crush Body Buttercream is thick and fresh and amazing for mornings or summer! 

Blanx Intense Stain Removal Toothpaste* was sent to be as a natural way to whiten teeth. I loved the toothpaste and wrote a more in depth review here! It works well and has a nice flavour to it, I'm currently using the Classic White toothpaste* and I love it too! My final empty is a long loved product, Essence Mascaras are brilliant and my friends couldn't tell the difference between them and Benefit mascaras except they're animal and bank balance friendly! The Lash Curler* was sent to me as part of the £10 challenge and I was really sad for it to run out, I'm currently using Essence Get Big Lashes* with has more of a bristle brush that The Lash Curler* but I love them both so much! 

What have you used up so far in 2016? Toodle pip till next month! xxx

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Birchbox | February Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Shine Bright Like a Diamond February Birchbox

Sorry for not posting for the most of the month but I've been enjoying Amsterdam and I've got a post to do for you of my hauls and my travels! I received my second Birchbox just before I left and I got some lovely goodies! 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond February Birchbox The Balm Ole Henriksen Specturm brushes ayres

Before the box was posted I received an email from Birchbox to select my favourite shade for the Love of Color One & Done Shadow Stick between two. I chose the shade Champagne Problems as it's a lovely rose goldy kinda shade. It's really blendable and I love it for a quick dash of colour. 

The Spectrum Tapered Finishing Brush I was most vary of, I felt the brushes at Pro Beauty 2015 and they felt horrible but it must have just been dirty brushes from the whole tradeshow feeling and trying them. The setting brush is great for my under eyes and I love them, I'm actually tempted to get a few more!

Birchbox Spectrum Ole Henrikensen Truth Serum Collagen booster

Ole Henrikson was a brand I've only ever heard on Sephora hauls, mainly for their high end 'treat yourself' makeup wipes that people tend to pick up on holiday in America. Truth Serum Collagen Booster is an anti-ageing treatment that hopes to fill out and reduces wrinkles forming used Vitamin C from oranges and grapefruits. I've used a vitamin C serum before from Balance Active Formula.  I'll be interested to try this serum when I finish my Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate and I hope I don't get too attached as it's a whopping £47 a bottle!

A little dinky pot of body butter is up next from Ayres, a brand I'd never heard of. I usually slap on body butter over everywhere before I go to bed so this pot won't last long. I think I'll save it for if I go away for a night or two! I got the scent Patagonia.

The Balm Frat Boy Blush

Frat Boy The Balm Swatch LOC Champagne Problems Swatch

The Balm is a brand I love and wish I could have more of but it's a little bit dear! I love my Cabana Boy blush and I was really happy to see inside my box however the sample is tiny! It is smaller than my thumb nail, but so pigmented just as I'd expect from The Balm. Frat Boy is a peachy apricot blush that looks lovely on my fair skin. The blush is matte so I love to pair with a pink toned highlight. 

There was a random hair tie but it's awful. I can't get it to tie my hair up and the plastic bobble hurts like shutting your finger in a door when it pings against your nail! L Erickson Narrow Grab and Go Ponysell for £7.80 for 6 but I absolutely detest it!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Review | Eyes and Eyebrows with Stargazer Cosmetics*

Every have one of those days when your makeup feels to boring or plain? I really feel a bit meh with a nude or light brown eye sometimes and am dying to get a pop of colour in! There is such a wide range of colours on the Stargazer site and many different finishes. I got to try out most of the soft eyeshadow collection except one shade and I can say they are actually soft! They give such good blend-ability yet hold the pigmentation they bring. I'm loving using Dusty Sky* as a transition when using silver shades and Soft Pink* makes a great highlighter shade! It's stunning and the glitter particles are tiny so it isn't too chunky! For £3 it's an absolute bargain!

Stargazer Eyeshadows Sparkle Purple Dusty Sky Soft Candy Sparkle Green Soft Violet Eyeshadow Pen Sparkle

I also a eyeshadow pen to try, keep an eye out for a Twitter giveaway for a chance to win one, of the shade Sparkle*! I love it so much, it's creamy, blendable and highly pigmented. Perfect for highlighting or as a base for your eyeshadow. I'm loving it in the inner corner of my eyes. 

Stargazer Eyeshadows Swatch Sparkle Purple Dusty Sky Soft Candy Sparkle Green Soft Violet Eyeshadow Pen Sparkle

Eyebrow pencils are something I struggle to work with and find a cool shade. After playing around with the eyebrow pencil in shade 2*, I've come to like pencils a bit more! I haven't quite mastered the art of ombre brows with a pencil but for days I need a quick colour in, Shade 2* is cool toned and not too dark to quickly run through my medium blonde brows! There is a shade 1 that is much blonder that I'll be ordering once my eyebrow product collection has gone down a bit as they are waxy and smooth yet not 'stick to your brows' waxy! 

Stargazer Permanent Eyebrow Pen Brown Stargazer Eyebrow Pencil 2

Stargazer Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pen in Brown

Semi-permanent eyebrows would be the best thing since sliced bread for rainy, sweaty or the 'take her swimming on the first date' days! I've always wanted my eyebrows tattooed but I just don't have the money for it at the moment or know any decent artists! Semi-permanent will have to do! The Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Pen in Brown* is the most expensive thing from this haul, and it's a huge £5.... I'm still shocked by these prices to be honest! It really goes to show that you don't need to spend a fortune for good quality and cruelty free British products! Even though I quite like lighter brows these days, a quick light handed swipe still keeps the product light enough for me to use! There is also a black for darker browns, I wonder how long this stuff really stays on for, it states 24 hours on the website but I've only done 12 without taking my makeup off! The nib is reversible so it should last longer than other felt tip makeup pens.  

Stargazer Permanent Eyebrow Pen Brown Stargazer Eyebrow Pencil 2 Lipstick 150 swatch

Stargazer Lipstick 150

I know I said this was eyes and eyebrows but I couldn't leave out a lipstick. I know many cruelty free and animal lovers hate down on MAC, including one of my friends (you know who you are ;) ) and I don't blame them. Stargazer Cosmetics are cruelty free and are hoping to become vegan as well! I have the lipstick in shade 150* and there is no doubt that it is almost identical to MAC Velvet Teddy, just a creme finish rather than a matte! 

Have you ever tried any other Stargazer products before? I've used the magenta hair dye on this post here!
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Review | The Official Tansie*

Self tanning is always thought of as ruined bedsheets, wearing loose black clothes and getting orange everywhere while developing however there's a new kid on the block that saves you all those fears without needing to worry about strap marks or tide lines! 

Review | The Official Tansie*

Designed by young entrepreneur, Lucy Gronner, the unique, lightweight disposable style, anti-static material allows skin to breathe, whilst its loose fitting friction free design helps to promote a streak and stain free finish.  The Original Tansie means beauty buffs can say goodbye to washing tan stained clothes and sheets, and relax in a comfortable and affordable fit for purpose garment.

Review | The Official Tansie*

I slathered on my St Moriz Tan in Medium and suited up! You can't tell in these photos but I actually only had knickers on underneath, you can't see through the material which is great for answering the door! The Tansie* is reusable (can be washed at 30 and tumble dried on low) or single use it is completely up to you! I've saved mine for next time! 

Review | The Official Tansie*

The Tansie* is avaiable from TanGuard, current RRP £7.50. I'm officially a member of #TeamTansie  are you? 
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Birchbox | Birchbox x Pinterest January 2016

I've given in and started a subscription to a beauty box again. I got this for super affordable 6 months for £29.95 + £7.95 postage but went through Quidco and saved myself a fortune! I'd highly recommend checking Groupon and Quidco before making any big purchases just to check if you can save or reimburse!

Birchbox x Pinterest January 2016

Inside January's box I got to try some bits I've never had before, the best part about beauty boxes! My boyfriend let me pinch his Rituals products that he was given as part of his work Christmas parcel as he has really sensitive skin so he can't use it, but I've not used this scent before! I've not actually got round to using the bits he gave me either! T'ai Chi Foaming Shower Gel is designed to help you relax, and it's a multi-tasker as you could use it as a shaving gel as well I suspect!

I've tried many a micellar water but never a cleansing water, unless the Taaj water counts but I think that as more of a micellar water! Absolution L'Eau Soir et Matin (This will be super handy for overnight stays where I don't want to have a wet face cloth in my bag or to use as a precleanse!) I'm currently studying makeup at college so I might take this in to help remove my own before assessments to save time for the other girls! It's ingredients sound amazing for the skin with witch hazel, frankincense resin and geranium essential oil which sounds like a good mix for all skin types!

Birchbox x Pinterest absolutions eyeko rituals

Eyeko Fat Liner is described as liner whizz or novice friendly and I'd like to give a try! I've used the skinny liner before and I enjoyed it till it dried up but I know now to keep this stored horizontally to make the most out of it!

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle Spray, will be a good test! It runs slightly higher than my usual of Aussie Leave in Conditioner but it smells amazing! It kind of has a Soap and Glory-esque scent but I can't quite place it exactly. It is quick thick but it'll be a good travel size alternative.

The Benefit They're Real Eyelash Primer is the bit I'm the most meh about. I still haven't got to grips with using a eyelash primer but I think it'll be more helpful on days when I know my lashes would normally clump as I didn't remove my previous mascara very well.

Birchbox x Pinterest benefit eyeko beauty protector

Birchbox x Pinterest benefit eyeko rituals

The box also included a pocket mirror and some motivational postcards! I quite enjoyed my first box and it'll be a nice thing to expect each month if I can't afford much else! Do you have the Birchbox come monthly? What do you think?

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

MOTD | Simple Work/College Makeup with Colourpop

I have started to build a tiny collection of Coloupop liquid lips and my love for them is growing! I have never bought direct from Colourpop but through Facebook selling groups with other bloggers like myself set up by some lovely ladies including Michelle from TSNC and Leanne from Bubz von Chubs .

This is a look I wore to college last Friday where I didn't really want to put on a full face but wanted to look like I made an effort!

MOTD | Simple Work/College Makeup with Colourpop

For my base, I used my current go to that comprises of Nivea Express Hydration Primer for dry skin, L'Oreal Infallible 24H Lasting Perfection Foundation (010 Porcelain) and Barry M Light Reflecting Concealer (1) under my eyes. I love this base at the moment, it's perfect for my dry skin and has great coverage! 

Simple work makeup eyes colourpop teeny tiny

I primed my eyes with Benefit Stay Don't Stray and set with Makeup Revolution Setting Spray. I set my eyes, undereyes and nose with the Cheeky Trio from W7 with the highlight shade - it's so good! Well worth it and so glad my work experience got me it for Christmas! For my brows I use Freedom Brow Pomade and highly recommend for the same quality but much cheaper than ABH. I created this wing with Seventeen Lacquer Liner* following with YSL BabyDoll Mascara. I lined with lower lash line with the second silver shade from Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat* from Makeup Revolution. I also used the white from this palette to highlight under my brow bone. 

Simple work makeup lips colourpop teeny tiny

I contoured and highlighted with my Autograph Contour Kit  and using ELF Tickled Pink blush across and up my cheek bones! Finally onto lips I used my brand new liquid lipstick in Teeny Tiny from Colourpop and it lasted all day even with lunch till I took it off for my makeup lesson! One finally spritz of MUR setting spray an I left for college! 

Simple work makeup glasses colourpop teeny tiny

What's your go to for work or college?
Toodle pip till next time!xxx

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Haul | First Ever Kiko Purchases

Kiko Haul Rebel Romantic Smart Lip Pencils

I finally went into Kiko and bought some products. I had been avoiding Kiko since I had the most awful experience in their recruitment process which involves a wannabe employer shouting at me down the phone telling me I must go on the London training because they really wanted me there.. hmm they didn't get me there! Moving on as I guess it's just the stress of opening a new store, I finally went in and I was very happy with what I've picked up.

Kiko Metallic Shine Eyshadow Rebel Romantic

I've started to fall in love with using cream eyeshadows as a base for my eyeshadow rather than being disappointed with eyeshadow primers and I find I can get more of a shimmery look with a cream colour base. I was looking at the sale items in the Westfield Stratford store and they still had a few products left from the Rebel Romantic collection including 3 shades of the cream shadows! All the shades in the collection are metallics and I was disappointed they didn't have 02 Absolutely Rose left but it did have 03 Strong Chocolate and 06 Dynamic Taupe! These cream shadows are a little bit drier than Maybelline Colour Tattoos but still have lots of pigment and pretty blendable. I always use my Nanshy Blending Brush with cream shadows and it hasn't let me down, I think it is the synthetic yet soft bristles.

Rebel Romantic Metallic Eyeshadows Swatches

The other two products I picked are two lip liners. I have started branching out into more purple and purple toned products so I needed something to stop these bleeding and making my lipsticks easier to apply! What I like about these lip pencils is that they come sealed so you know they are brand new rather than having to check each product before you buy. I picked up the Smart lip pencils in shades 710 and 715. 715, Periwinkle Violet, is lilac lip liner that suits most pink toned light purples but can also be used with greys whereas 710, Rouge Noir, is a darker plum purple that I find works better with plums, dark berries or deep purples. For £1.20, what's stopping you?

Kiko Smart Lip Pencils 710 715.jpg

I'm really tempted to try some other Kiko products but none of the skin base products seemed light enough for my ghostly skin. Please let me know your favourites in the comments below!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Empties | December 2015

I flew through products like a woman on a mission in December. I am determined to get my life clutter free to fit my ever so compact lifestyle into my bedroom! I watched MissBudgetBeauty decluttering videos around the end of the month and I was super into it so much that I took a whole bag of clothes to the Heart Foundation shop and now I'm sorting through makeup and nail polishes to get rid of whether through my friends or selling them! My depop is @ma_mezza so please keep an eye out for more items for sale!

December Empties Angel Flicks

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is a staple in my empties, if you've followed me for a while now it appears in most of my empties posts, however now I've finished this large pump bottle I'm using up my mini cleansers in the hopes to find a new holy grail product as I just fancy a change considering I've used this product for at least the last 4 years if not longer. This bottle was one of the limited edition scents and I'm not sure it is around anymore but I do prefer the scented versions to the original now so thank you for bringing that out Liz Earle (remember it's available in Boots now so you can get more points!)

My first ever serum has run out! The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil is amazing! I love it! It doesn't make me overly greasy, it keeps me hydrated and smells really nice too, I can't beat it and when I finish my new Rosehip Oil I'm trying out, I think this will be repurchased for sure!

Liz Earle Cleanse Polish Ted Baker Body Spray Organic Surge Daily moisturiser vitamin e overnight serum the body shop origins ginsing moisturiser

Origins GinZing moisturiser I've had sat in my drawer for about a year, I don't really follow makeup and cosmetics sell by dates so please don't nag me about it!,  I used it so much the summer of 2014 where I was in and out of stinky hot climates and needed something lightweight to try and control my then oily skin - I've severely changed skin types now and need something a bit stronger so I used this up on my days where I didn't wear any makeup to dry my skin out. It is an amazing moisturiser and I highly recommend for combination/ oily skin types!

Organic Surge Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser has been hanging around from my Glossybox days (the packaging has now changed) and I used to use it at night but as I mentioned above, I needed something with a bit more oomph so this filled the box! I love that it is organic and cruelty free but I wasn't sure about the feeling on my skin for this one, I won't be purchasing again although it did keep me hydrated!

I've been really at the oldy but goody products this last month! Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub is from when I first met my boyfriend back in Summer 2013 and I loved it! It's the perfect pick me up scent and really citrusy and fruity, perfect for summer rather than December but none the less I loved it! I'm currently working my way through the body cream I had lying around! I actually got these when Zoella first did a video about them so that was so long again but still in usable condition, waste not want not! Ted Baker Body Sprays were the staple of my time at Sixth Form *cough 3 years ago cough* and I like how they are a liquid body spray as I find it takes more bad scents away from you and lingers around more than an aerosol! I think you might still be able to get these in Boots but they've revamped now so it might take more of a look!

Sure Clear Diamond Seventeen Make your mark eyeliner eyeko skinny liner loreal touch magique

Sure Clear Diamond Deodorant was a random part of a trio of these cans I found in a box in my brother's room. I think I'd put them away with some other bits to give to my friend Becca and completely forgot! Ah well I needed deodorant and I remember why I'd stocked up in the process! It is amazing for any coloured clothes! I'm really happy to have another couple of cans!

2 eyeliners ran out :( well dried out. I absolutely adored the Eyeko Skinny Liner, it was pigmented and really easy to use but it must be stored lying down otherwise it dries out so fast. The same with the Seventeen Make Your Mark Eyeliner, however it isn't as black as the Eyeko one but the same issues. I think now I've mastered eyeliner a bit more (some days haha!) I will leave felt tip pen eyeliners for now.

L'Oréal Paris True Match Touche Magique Concealer  was a firm drugstore favourite last year; it was part of my Perfect Pair for Pale Skin and I will definitely purchase another but I'm currently trying out a new kid on the block that has risen from the dusts of my tweenage years!

Treaclemoon Marshmallow Hearts Katy Perry KillerQueen Batiste Orietnal  The Body Shop Body Butter Raspberry Strawberry Avon Secret Fantasy Perfume

You know, just a few body products this month... Treaclemoon Marshmallow Hearts Bath&Shower Gel* - I LOVE THIS! I love everything I've tried from them and I will definitely repurchase some other scents, the next one for me to buy will be the Honeycomb shower gel so I can use it with the rest of the body butter I have left! Talking of body butter I finished these two bad boys off, The Body Shop is mostly known for it's body butters and I love the scent of the Raspberry however I can only find the Strawberry online. I slather it on everywhere and I got through it at a rate of knots but it is really noticeably softer on my skin.

My two haircare saviours, Batiste Dry Shampoo and Aussie Leave in Conditioner, always repurchase! Finally, 2 perfumes finished this month. Katy Perry Killer Queen is my signature scent for the last 2 years and I've just finished this bottle. It is so affordable and I love it! My grandma originally bought this for Christmas a couple of years ago and I've loved it every since, it brings such memories of me and Jeff spending our first time in the same country together and lots of other amazing memories! I've now got a 100ml bottle to get through! Avon Secret Fantasy Perfumes are my on the run perfumes, they smell amazing and are always on offer so I highly recommend!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx