Thursday, 24 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 23 | 4 Simple Tips To Save Money On Shopping This Christmas*

I'm quite fortunate I don't have to buy my presents all before the 25th as me and my boyfriend do Christmas on the 28th however there is a really useful tip guide from Dealslands UK that might save you time and money next Christmas!
Most of the time I don’t like to go on shopping. It is not like that I don’t love to spend but I believe that whatever you buy for a person should be able to express your care towards them.

Many a times, we see ads about things which describes how important it is to buy the product or like how your Christmas will be incomplete without it. This lures us to shop more. I am not against buying things, but believe that we should be thoughtful about it.

With lots of shopping, it becomes difficult to be financially stable throughout the festive season, so you need some money saving tricks to be followed for the same. At the beginning, you may feel that it is almost impossible, but it is not. You can really save some pounds during Christmas, to avoid getting into debt.

So if you planning to save money, follow the tips and make your way through this Christmas.

1.      Four gift rule

When it comes to Christmas presents, you may get overwhelmed many a times? So better follow the four gift rule which is relatively simple and will help you to save. So all you have to remember is these things when you consider about the person for whom you are buying the gift:

ü  Things to wear
ü  Things to read
ü  Some needful things
ü  Something they want

So when you will get ready for Christmas shopping, these rules will come in handy. Thereby, you can buy things that will turn out to be useful for the people. In case you are planning to buy clothes, use the NewLook vouchers, which will help you to get discount on the clothes. This means you will be able to buy a useful gift at lesser price.

2.      Go for cash back site

Cash back is one of the best way to save while you are shopping for things. They are better than coupons and vouchers. A site that provides cash back facility helps people to get cash back while you are shopping from there. So looking out for such site during your Christmas shopping will help you to get some money back. So make sure to shop majority of the items from such a site and win some decent cash back.

3.      Don’t keep it for later

If you try to keep your shopping for later, you may end up spending more. This will really affect your whole idea to save money. The simple reason behind it is that in the end we end up having less time to compare prices and so spend more on things. So make sure to start your shopping early, as it will help you to save money.

4.      Match price

When you are buying a product that is available at different stores better compare the price before buying it. It may be a little bit hectic task but in reality will help you to save money. There are apps that allows people to compare prices, so go for them before buying a product and thus get better offers

In case you are not shopping online, then you can ask the retailers to match the price for you. Most of the time they will do it for you or in other case, at the worst you may hear a no.

When it comes to Christmas shopping it is a tiring task which may even bring you in debt. So better shop carefully and purposefully for the products and save money.

Toodle pip till next time!xxx

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