Friday, 25 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 24&25 | Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Angels! I hope you all had an amazing day!
Toodle pip till next time!xxx

Thursday, 24 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 23 | 4 Simple Tips To Save Money On Shopping This Christmas*

I'm quite fortunate I don't have to buy my presents all before the 25th as me and my boyfriend do Christmas on the 28th however there is a really useful tip guide from Dealslands UK that might save you time and money next Christmas!
Most of the time I don’t like to go on shopping. It is not like that I don’t love to spend but I believe that whatever you buy for a person should be able to express your care towards them.

Many a times, we see ads about things which describes how important it is to buy the product or like how your Christmas will be incomplete without it. This lures us to shop more. I am not against buying things, but believe that we should be thoughtful about it.

With lots of shopping, it becomes difficult to be financially stable throughout the festive season, so you need some money saving tricks to be followed for the same. At the beginning, you may feel that it is almost impossible, but it is not. You can really save some pounds during Christmas, to avoid getting into debt.

So if you planning to save money, follow the tips and make your way through this Christmas.

1.      Four gift rule

When it comes to Christmas presents, you may get overwhelmed many a times? So better follow the four gift rule which is relatively simple and will help you to save. So all you have to remember is these things when you consider about the person for whom you are buying the gift:

ü  Things to wear
ü  Things to read
ü  Some needful things
ü  Something they want

So when you will get ready for Christmas shopping, these rules will come in handy. Thereby, you can buy things that will turn out to be useful for the people. In case you are planning to buy clothes, use the NewLook vouchers, which will help you to get discount on the clothes. This means you will be able to buy a useful gift at lesser price.

2.      Go for cash back site

Cash back is one of the best way to save while you are shopping for things. They are better than coupons and vouchers. A site that provides cash back facility helps people to get cash back while you are shopping from there. So looking out for such site during your Christmas shopping will help you to get some money back. So make sure to shop majority of the items from such a site and win some decent cash back.

3.      Don’t keep it for later

If you try to keep your shopping for later, you may end up spending more. This will really affect your whole idea to save money. The simple reason behind it is that in the end we end up having less time to compare prices and so spend more on things. So make sure to start your shopping early, as it will help you to save money.

4.      Match price

When you are buying a product that is available at different stores better compare the price before buying it. It may be a little bit hectic task but in reality will help you to save money. There are apps that allows people to compare prices, so go for them before buying a product and thus get better offers

In case you are not shopping online, then you can ask the retailers to match the price for you. Most of the time they will do it for you or in other case, at the worst you may hear a no.

When it comes to Christmas shopping it is a tiring task which may even bring you in debt. So better shop carefully and purposefully for the products and save money.

Toodle pip till next time!xxx

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 22 | Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette

This is the largest palette I've ever seen let alone owned. I have become such an eyeshadow hoarder in recent months and never thouht I'd let my collection of super similar colours become so big but hey ho what will another 144 colours do to my collection except look super good in that gap in my palette holder? Haha!

#Blogmas Day 22 | Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution released another 144 shade palette last Christmas and it just didn't draw my eye however this year with the neutrals and earthy tones, I couldn't resist for the mere price of £10. The 2016 144 Eyeshadow Palette contains a mix of shimmers and mattes of all sorts of colours so no matter look you go for you're covered!

Brights Makeup Revolution 2016 Palette

Brights and bronze Makeup Revolution 2016 Palette

Bright colours aren't something I tend to go for in my eyeshadows and more in my lips however I find having them available is really great for under eye shadow to create pop of colour or to jazz up a standard winged eyeliner look.

Earth tones Makeup Revolution 2016 Palette

The earth tones, not sure this is the right term but I think it is, are my go to for evening and crease colours. I like these shades in Autumn/Winter as it makes a change from my go to golden daytime or smokey silver evening eyes and gives a nice warm eyes.

Neutrals Makeup Revolution 2016 Palette

Now if you were worried that there weren't neutral or lighter colours, there are plenty. These make perfect soft daytime looks or brow and inner corner highlight colours. I love the champagne shades and it makes me want new highlighters even more!

I find the matte shades more pigmented but that seems to be the way quite a bit but they still pack on the lid well and I swatched my favourite shades for you angels.

Swatches Makeup Revolution 2016 Palette

The palette is available online and in stores at Superdrug for just £10 instead of £20! What do you think?
Toodle pip till next time!xxx

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 21 | American Pancakes

This morning I got up and made pancakes for everyone as it is my mum's birthday today. I got the inspiration from a Zoella Vlogmas and I'm super glad I did!

#Blogmas Day 21 | American Pancakes

I used the Jamie Oliver American Pancake recipe to create these yummy breakfast goodies! It created enough for my family of 4 but if you're super hungry I'd recommend you double up so you can all have 3-4 each! 

Jamie Oliver American Pancakes


  • 3 eggs
  • 140ml milk
  • 115g plain flour
  • 1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
  • a pinch of salt


  1. Separate the eggs, with the whites in one bowl and the yolks in another
  2. Add the flour, baking powder and milk to the yolks and mix into a thick(ish) smooth paste
  3. Whisk the egg whites with the salt till you form stiff peaks (my eggs didn't whisk very well and it was still all good so don't panic if it isn't meringue stiff) 
  4. Fold the whites into the batter and get a non stick pan on a medium heat
  5. Use a ladle or big spoon to add some batter to the pan, when you start to notice slight bubbling get a spatula and flip the pancake
  6. Don't try to move the pancake once you've flipped it, wait till it cooked and then put on your plate!
These were a massive success and I will definitely be making them again! 
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Monday, 21 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 20 | 5 Things I'm Looking Forward To

What are you looking forward to in the next few weeks? Here's mine!

1) Seeing if my mum's birthday present on 22nd December goes down well

Mother and I

2) Jeffrey (the other half) arriving home on 28th :D

Me and Jeff Long Distance Couple

3) Finally getting to spend my Salon Service vouchers that I won

IBD Mauve Over

4) Good daylight to take blog photos 

Autograph Contour Kit

5) Clearing my debts after Christmas before New Year

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Sunday, 20 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 19 | Day Out in London

#Blogmas Day 19 | Day Out in London

Yesterday, I spent the day in London for one special reason, I'd won tickets to see the private screening of the new Charlie Brown and Snoopy Movie at Fox Studios in Soho. I was very excited when I read the email on Tuesday after a poop week so it was a nice pick me up! First stop, Costa for a super yummy Bacon, Brie and Canberry Panini with a White Hot Chocolate, amazing! I could have eaten two as I missed breakfast!

Costa  Bacon, Brie and Canberry Panini

As the showing wasn't until 3, we had time to go shopping first so Mum and Dad took me around Oxford Street and I could spend a few pennies. I firstly popped into Lush as this has been on my hitlist since the shop first opened. It has 3 floors including a spa floor on the basement level! Me and mum had a really nice time and I picked up the Magic Wand bubble barand Intergalactic bath bomb while Mum bought a Snow Fairy shower gel!

LUSH Oxford Street

Then onto Primark, I needed a couple of cardigans for work and college and then I picked up a couple of things like knickers and a makeup brush egg I needed! I think I'll do a haul when I've tried everything on and worked out what to keep! But the cardigan I picked up was a gorgeous black soft thick feel for £12 (Chenille Shawl on the receipt) was amazing on the way home!

Oxford Street Winter

It got to 2:30 so I went to find my brother (he lives in south London now) and we headed to the studios, there were refreshments and goodie bag which had a Snoopy Carmex pot, a lime twist Carmex and some Reese's cups. It was really nice of them to put together as it was a Carmex competition that I had won! The film was quite funny and even though I had a headache from the 3D film it was worth seeing.

Snoopy Ticket

Oxford Street Christmas Lights

On the walk back from Soho to Oxford Circus, I went into Berksha for the first time even though each time I'm in Amsterdam I always want to go in but not brave enough to explore! Well I needed some thicker leggings that I could wear with my salon tunic so I hunted round and found the perfect pair! Fingers crossed they fit well and I'll do a fashion post on them soon!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Friday, 18 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 18 | My Christmas Manicure

I love having my nails done, see Blogmas Day 2 for my other Christmas nail inspired post, and as a beauty therapist I now love being able to do them myself at home. I use IBD products to create these nails with the aid of stiletto full false nails from eBay (I've linked where I bought them!)

I first prep my own nail with cuticle work and buffing; as I'm using nail glue I make sure I do all my work dry and wipe with a prep wipe (isopropyl alcohol). I then choose the right size falsies for my fingers and line them up so I don't get confused! To get the most use out of your thumbs, I recommend you put the false nails on working inwards towards your thumbs and doing both hands at the same time!

Once the falsies are applied, I carry out my usual gel technique but you could of course apply standard polish! I love this combination of IBD JustGel in Amethyst Surprise and IBD JustGel in All That Glitters.

What colour have you gone for Christmas?
Toodle pip till next time xxx

Thursday, 17 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 17 | Annual Chatty Post 2.0

I did one of these posts for the first time last year and I found it very soothing and personal to write. My blog has grown a lot since this time last year and I am forever grateful for all my followers, especially those few that have been here since 2014. At the end of the month my blog is almost 2 years old which I find unbelievably crazy! I think I deleted my first ever post that I wrote on the 28th December 2013 but I might not (I can't be bothered to look right now haha) but yep, 2 whole years! A lot has changed and my blogging game has really upped it's game.

I've had another year of poop really. It hasn't all been bad but I can't stop myself for seeing the dark clouds rather than the sunshine peeping though. I thought 2015 would be the year that my boyfriend would move over, I'd get my own business up and running and I'd be celebrating New Year in Holland when my boyfriend flies home for the Christmas season. Well that didn't happen, not really.

In March, I went out in the Easter holidays to spend some time in The Netherlands as I hadn't flown out since the Summer and was missing my in-laws, the country and everything I had in my second home. I was told by my mum that my Granny had been taken ill but nothing to worry about, she was a lady who always was in and out of the doctors so I wasn't too bothered, I knew she'd be fine. On the Sunday when I rung home, they'd just been to see her and I was a bit annoyed I wasn't there but they said she'd probably come home in a day or two. How wrong were they? After dinner, about 4pm UK time, Jeff shouted at me to go upstairs and call my Dad. I can see it vividly in my mind and it's a moment I won't ever forget. My Dad picked up and I could see something was up, I thought it was something like they needed my card or my car was in that was on order at the garage but no, the worse news you could tell a girl. My Granny had died. March 30th 2015, the day I lost my Granny with no goodbye and no last hug. I've now run out of things to say. I flew home on the 1st April, mine and Jeff's second flight together in the entirety of our relationship and I was a mess. It hit my family pretty hard and no one has been strong enough to collect the ashes yet, it's a subject I don't really want to talk about, life since has been shite to be honest, I've never recovered from it and I just have to try and carry on. My first Christmas day ever without her. Fucking hell I don't want Christmas, not in the slightest.

Good news was that on April 2nd I picked up my car and it's all mine! Well it's on finance but it's super nice to have my own little run around, it's a Seat Mii i-Tech in White. I love it and it loves me but it doesn't love that it's done almost 8000 miles already! Uh oh!

I had a lovely time for my birthday, if you weren't following at the time there is a Birthday Post that tells you all about my time in The Netherlands with my parents (first time that all 4 parents had met!) and how I was spoiled rotten by my other half and had an amazing trip and first time in a real hotel! It was amazing and I think it was so nice after everything that happened a couple of months before, a nice break.

I can't really remember much of the next couple of months, I just trudged through my course and worked and didn't really have much fun but it was alright, I had Netflix, Facebook and Skype to keep me going. The missing social life paid off though, I completed my subsidiary diploma of my BTEC with Distinction* the highest grade you can get! Very pleased and I squealed when that came through the post box! With these grades I had the confidence to start my own business and I have! Please check me out on Facebook (Pink Fairy Mobile Beauty) and if you are from near me (St Ives, Cambridgeshire area) then feel free to get in contact for an appointment) It's going well and I'm so glad I did it!

The fact I didn't really get out and neither did Jeff really played on our relationship. It broke us. I admit I wasn't happy and I found out some truths that did cause me and Jeff to separate for 2 months this Autumn - you might have noticed the blogposts were a lot more sporadic and it really was a struggle to do anything. I went from getting the highest marks to having to resubmit assignments as I hadn't even been passing any of the criteria let alone Distinction criteria like the year before. I got messed around by a boy who I thought was my friend and ended up being treated like a complete and utter idiot but that's what you get when your vulnerable, vultures. Dropping to my lowest again after having a year of trying to put my depression behind me did draw me back to Jeff. We both wanted to be together and I was pleased to announce we reunited after a surprise visit from me. I needed to escape, I needed to get away, I just needed to be away from England and all the shit I'd left behind. I turned up unannounced in his living room (his mum let me in) and had an emotionally draining yet decision making 3 days where I knew that I wanted him, he just needed to grow up, and he slowly is. Everyone fights but sometimes you're just right for each other.

Then more bad news, I just about recovered my coursework, bought myself to a place where I could cope with my illnesses and live my life. My cat passed away. Sleep tight Rosie, forever my princess. I'm now on my way to complete my exit interview at work as I was made redundant on Tuesday and yep great just before Christmas. I'm trying my best to keep my head above water but it's a bit of a naff year really. Fingers crossed 2016 will be a bit better, but at the end of the day it could always be worse.

Toodle pip till next time!xxx

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 16 | Body Jewellery Shop Tragus Jewels*

I love my piercings, I want more and I love showing them off. When I had the opportunity to work with Body Jewellery Shop I was so excited. Body Jewellery Shop are a UK brand that sell jewellery for all different places on the body and you can order in one place! I find this so much better than having to find ear piercing in one place and body jewellery in other!

Blogmas Day 16 Body Jewellery Shop  Tragus Piercings

All 3 of the pieces I was sent are under £4 so it is really affordable and good quality jewellery. There are multiple different materials available from silver, stainless steel, bioflex and much more! I could get a piece of jewellery for every one of my 9 piercings so that's great news! 

Body Jewellery Shop  Tragus Piercings

Body Jewellery Shop  Tragus Piercings

I chose quite feminine pieces from the website but there is a jewelled, black, artistic (dragons etc) and plenty to chose from so I'm sure you could find a piece that you fancied to wear! I chose 2 bars and one bioflex - I do find bars harder to put in my tragus piercing than studs with a front screw but I'll get the hang of it with plenty of practice!

Milk Jewel Tragus Stud - Lavender

The jewellery that had the most attention was the Milk Jewel Tragus Stud in Lavendar. It is a classy piece and has almost pearl like qualities to it. It looks like it is worth a lot more than £3.95 and I feel as though Body Jewellery Shop have really out down themselves and I'd pay well over £10 for a stone piece like this. It is a larger tragus stud but I think it would also be brilliant to wear as an earring and I'm really tempted to order another one so I can match them in my second lobe piercings. 

Jewelled BioFlex & Silver Tragus Cuff - Pink

This is the first bioflex jewellery I've ever used and I'm really glad to have found it. Bioflex is a plastic like material that can sit comfortable in the piercings while allow different jewellery to be changed without the irritation on the whole ear as the 'front' piece is interchangeable. This silver and jewelled cuff* is my favourite piece from the 3 I was kindly sent and as soon as Friday hits and I'm finished with college this will be going straight back in! 

Jewelled Silver Tragus Stud - Clear Flower

The finally stud I think will look great in Spring Summer next year and is much more of a delicate piece than the other 2. It is a silver tragus bar with a clear gem in the flower; I think it is super cute and can be found here. It has a bohemian vibe to it but I really love how dainty it is! 

As I mentioned earlier, Body Jewellery Shop have such a wide variety of items on their site is really is worth a look! Have you purchased anything from there recently?

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 15 | Soap & Glory It's The Whole She Bang

#Blogmas Day 15 | Soap & Glory It's The Whole She Bang

Last Friday I caved in and bought the Boots Star Gift of the Soap & Glory It's The Whole She Bang Gift Set. Every year S&G do a gift set that becomes a Star Gift (a super reduced gift for a week) and this is the first year I've ever bought one. My blogger got the best of me!  

Soap and Glory Hand Food Righteous Butter Heel Genius

I've only ever tried the Sugar Crush range and Hand Food before so I was really excited to use some more of their products! Another Hand Food will go nicely in my drawer next to the other tube I have ready to start, my hands are so dry so this is appreciated! The Righteous Butter and Heel Genius will be used to keep my Winter skin from coming to a big horrible mess! I get so dry anyway so I'm glad. If I find the Heel Genius to be a wonder product I'll let my mum try as her heels are shocking!

Soap and Glory scrub of your life peaches and clean clean on me

Peaches and Clean is a facial cleansing milk that I'm excited to try. I can't smell peaches as such, but I can't point to what it is I can smell. I've only every used a cream cleanser or a foaming cleanser so it'll make a nice change to try it! Clean on Me and the Scrub of Your Life will be new shower goodies for a luxurious pamper session! 

Sunkissed body tintThick and Fast Mascara Mother pucker lipgloss Soap and Glory

The last more beauty than skincare bits were The Righteous Butter Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion, Thick & Fast HD Mascara  and Sexy Mother Pucker in Rose & Shine. I love my other lipgloss in Charm Offensive so I hope this one is just as lovely!

#Blogmas Day 15 | Soap & Glory It's The Whole She Bang

#Blogmas Day 15 | Soap & Glory It's The Whole She Bang

All the products came securely in a pink cardboard box inside of the big toiletry bag so it helped keep the shape and I've now put all my Christmas presents in there ready to wrap! 

#Blogmas Day 15 | Soap & Glory It's The Whole She Bang

The little details make it super cute to have out with all the products in and I've put my hair styling tools in there to keep them tidy and together! I'm really pleased with this gift set and with it being only £30 it's amazing! I managed to use a double points and an extra points voucher so that's great too! 

Have you picked this up yet? Toodle pip till next time! xxx

#Blogmas Day 14 | Winter Drugstore MOTD

Winter Makeup of the Day MOTD

I love the golden eyes and dark lips season! Christmas/ Winter Makeup is my favourite thing apart from a really dark vamp/gothic look! I got a brand new lipstick on Sunday from Avon, Ultra Colour Lipstick in Matte Grape and I love it so much so I had to wear it yesterday for work! 

Winter Makeup of the Day MOTD

I used my new base products from my recent Boots 3 for 2 Mini Haul with the Barry M Colour Correcting Primer in Green and Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51. My concealer of choice at the moment is Stay All Day 16 hour Concealer  in 10 - the perfect yellow toned shade for my skin, priming my eyes with their I Heart Stage Primer! After setting in place with Avon Setting Spray and Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Neutral, I moved onto brows!

#Blogmas Day 14 | Winter Drugstore MOTD

For my brows I used Freedom Pro Brow Pomade in Taupe then combed the hairs into place with I  Makeup I Tint My Brows in Light/Medium. My shadows are from the I ♥ Makeup Explicit Content Palette  palette and I used a taupe mixed a dark brown for my crease/transition shade, a golden glittery followed by a bronze shimmer over the lid then in my inner corner I used a white highlighting shade! My liner and lashes were this perfect duo from Seventeen (Lacquer Liner* and Falsifeye HD! Mascara*

Winter Makeup of the Day MOTD

My contour was the Autograph Contour Kit, MUA Pink Highlighter and MAC Rocky Horror Blush (my only non drugstore product but a good dupe is Cabana Boy from The Balm!). I then reset my face with the Avon Setting Spray before applying my lipstick without a liner as I need a plummy lipliner! 

What's your go to for a winter look? Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Sunday, 13 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 13 | Luxemme Voucher Giveaway

Luxemme have very kindly been giving away free £15 vouchers to their customers as a nice Christmas present this year to give back to those who may not have that much money this Christmas to treat their friends and family. Last year, Luxemme worked with various charities and sent free clothing to give to people who were homeless, orphaned or simply didn’t have any family over Christmas.

#Blogmas Day 13 | Luxemme Voucher Giveaway

You should go and check out Luxemme’s two piece outfits if you’re looking for something a bit different for your wardrobe. Whether it’s a skirt and top or jacket and trouser, two pieces are definitely on trend this season and always look stylish with very little effort. Luxemme have some gorgeous ones in stock at the moment, so you should definitely check them out.

The vouchers look like store vouchers in a lovely shiny finish with space for a 'To' and 'From' and would look gorgeous in a simple envelope for a present on Christmas Day! To order your own free Christmas vouchers, follow Luxemme on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and follow this link to claim your 8 free vouchers! 

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

#Blogmas Day 12 | Slogan Shirts

#Blogmas Day 12 | Slogan Shirts

If you remember back a few weeks, I shared a Wednesday Wishlist from (post) and I was very luckily allowed to pick a couple of pieces from my wishlist to review.
I've always loved slogan tees, plain tees are too well plain for me haha. With the rise of the 'tumblr inspired' generation, motivational quotes must be at a high with the youth compared to before. I remember tagging Facebook pictures with dodgy song lyrics rather than quotes but times move on. 

Stylish Ladies Women Short Sleeve Letters Print Cool Loose Casual T-shirt Dream Believe Achieve

This shirt* drew my eye and there was something about a black and white shirt that would fit great in my wardrobe. The shirt itself, which I didn't realise, is actually a stretch top. It's stretchy rather than fitted or soft cotton so I wished I ordered a slightly smaller size but I always know to size bigger with wholesale sites as they tend to be in Asian sizing rather than European. I picked it up in an L (I wear a 10 or a small 12 on top) and it is sold for £3.10 - so so affordable! I'm going to roll the sleeves up and stitch them a little higher but I think this is super cute and it isn't see through! The quality is outstanding for the price and I would compare this to somewhere like New Look for the quality. 

Stylish Ladies Women Short Sleeve Letters Print Cool Loose Casual T-shirt Dream Believe Achieve

I'm a crazy cat lady. If you follow me on Instagram (shameless self promotion there) I regularly upload with my little fluffy friends. This jumper* is adorable. It is made from sweatshirt material rather than fluffy inside but it'll be nice to wear in between seasons. Good sizing when I compared it against the size chart before ordering. I picked this up in an XL as I prefer jumpers to be looser fitter than skin tight! The price is £3.95, although I don't think anyone would believe me! 

Stylish Ladies Women O Neck Long Sleeve Print Leisure Sports Casual Pullover Hoodie Sweatershirt Meow

Stylish Ladies Women O Neck Long Sleeve Print Leisure Sports Casual Pullover Hoodie Sweatershirt Meow

The shipping time took about 2 weeks I want to say, which isn't long at all when I know I've waited for 14 days for a H&M order before! It was quite cute actually as shipped with PostNL and you all know what The Netherlands mean to me! 

Have you ever tried I think it's definitely one of the better Asian clothing companies I've tried before!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Saturday, 12 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 11 | Winter Playlist 2015

Sorry I know I'm running behind on Blogmas this year and we aren't even half way through yet! I promise all the posts will make it on time! Today I thought I'd share my Winter playlist, not full of Christmas songs, just my current favourite tracks at the moment! 

Antony Raine (Soundcloud and iTunes

Front Porch Step (iTunes

Bring Me The Horizon (iTunes)

Deaf Havana (iTunes)

A bit of a mixed bag there but it's just my wide music choice! What's your favourite song at the moment? 

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Thursday, 10 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 10 | Meeting your in-laws this Christmas*

Meeting the in laws can be terrifying for the first time, fortunately as I was in a long distance relationship I managed to hold that off until me and Jeff had been together for almost a year but wow was he more nervous than me! I think men in the relationship are more nervous about meeting their girlfriend's parents than the girl meeting her boyfriend's parents as I find my Dad far more overprotective of me than my brother!

Jacamo have put together a helpful guide to dresscodes this Winter to help men out of the complicated meaning of 'smart casual', a phrase I even struggle to comprehend sometimes!

When I introduced Jeff to my mum, it was at the airport and he put his hand out to shake her hand, as a woman, I wouldn't expect him to have done that as he was so uptight and panicky, she had a nice sweating hand to shake! If you are going to shake your in-laws hand, make sure you aren't sweaty first! A wave would have been much more pleasant for my mum! 

Be yourself! Jeff was worried as he is Dutch that he wouldn't fit in and just tried to be as monotone and serious as he could, when if anyone has ever met Jeff (most unlikely on here!) he is anything but serious! My Dad could instantly tell he was nervous when we arrived home and even pulled me aside to ask if he was okay as he was being so odd! It's better to be silly and yourself that to not be yourself and possibly coming across as rude!

Make friends with their pets! Jeff went straight to the cats as a crutch to ensure that he had something to say and talk about as he loved cats and had previously owned a few himself. If the dog, cat, house rabbit or whatever comes up to, make friends. Unless of course you have an allergy but hopefully your woman would have told your parents this in advance to save having to bat the animal away! Good move Jeff! 

Be polite. Some families use swear words a lot more than mine and I have nothing against, but never swear unless really needed until you can work out whether it is accepted in the family. I'm the youngest so it isn't too bad, but I remember when we were round my friend's house, who has younger siblings, within the first visit and Jeff swore, so so awkward and I felt so rude... make sure you know how the family feel! 

For further hints and tips, Jacamo have created this blogpost to help you work out how to act around your in laws for the first time! Have you had any awkward first meets? Let me know in the comments!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

#Blogmas Day 9 Wednesday Wishlist | Dream Christmas List

I wrote my list to Santa a few weeks ago to give my mum and my boyfriend some ideas for Christmas present but there is always a few things that only dreams can be made of! I have previously owned the Givenchy perfume as my 18th birthday present from my Granny but it's so expensive I'd never be able to buy it again!
#Blogmas Day 9 | Dream Christmas List
Givenchy Dahlia Noir, Pandora Hearts Tiara Ring, Olivia Burton Rose Gold Big Dial Watch,
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze&GlowKate Spade Cameron Street Margot, HP Envy 17inch Laptop

What else would be on your Dream Christmas List? Toodle pip till next time! xxx  

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 8 Review | Freedom London Fairy Doll Palette*

Hope you Angels are getting there with your Christmas preparation! Freedom London have released new 'look' palettes that contain everything you need for your look except foundation and mascara in a few different looks making them super helpful for travel!

#Blogmas Day 8 Review | Freedom London Fairy Doll Palette*

I was given the opportunity to try the Fairy Doll Look* palette but there are 3 other palettes, Exotica Doll, Vintage Doll and Spirit Doll - all priced at £8. All of the palettes contain a blush and bronze, 4 lipglosses, 4 brow shades, 3 highlighters and 6 eyeshadows shades.

Freedom London Fairy Doll Palette

Blush bronzer Freedom #GlamAcademy Fairy Doll Look  Palette

The blush and bronzer in this palette are gorgeous! Both are cool toned so I'm really pleased as I find most bronzer too orange or dark for my super white skin. The blush is a blue toned pink and looks super cute this time of year and reminds quite a lot of the Dandelion blush from Benefit. 

Eyebrow powders Freedom #GlamAcademy Fairy Doll Look  Palette

The 4 eyebrow shades are unfortunately too dark for me as Freedom went with a red rather than a blonde shade in this palette. I personally think that is a bit of a shame as they have a lovely smooth formula but they are all far too dark :( The red was put in I guess so you could have the full fairy look and maybe pair with a red wig?

Eyeshadows Freedom #GlamAcademy Fairy Doll Look  Palette

Matte Eyeshadows Freedom #GlamAcademy Fairy Doll Look  Palette

The eyeshadows are so bright! I was shocked at the pigmentation really! I personally would not have a clue where to go from here except to use as an under eye shadow to create a pop of colour but you get a little guide inside to give you inspiration! The colours are all named with a plastic overlay so it's easy to know which shades are which! The matte I would say 'crease' shades (the bottom picture) I find quite hard to blend out but I'll give them another shot.

Highlighters Freedom #GlamAcademy Fairy Doll Look  Palette

Aren't these highlighters perfect? I love how pale and shimmery they are and they would work great as inner corner or brow bone or even cheek bone actually! The matte highlighter is my favourite for under my brow as I think it suits me better with shimmery eyes.

Lipglosses Freedom #GlamAcademy Fairy Doll Look  Palette

The lipglosses aren't crazy pigmented but I'm not a great avid lipgloss fan from a palette; I'm just not a great lip palette fan, in fact this is the first one I've ever had in my collection! I really like the shade Believe (hot pink, 2nd) however so this might make an appearance into a Spring lip!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx