Monday, 30 November 2015

Review | MAC Magic of the Night Evening Rendezvous Lipstick

Finally a MAC Limited Edition I was able and wanted to get my hands on. The day Magic of the Night was launched I was fortunate enough not to be working in the morning before leaving for college so straight in my basket went Evening Rendezvous lipstick. I had my eye on it from the spoilers that the big beauty bloggers had released a few days before.

MAC Magic of the Night Evening Rendezvous Lipstick

Magic of the Night lipsticks all looked amazing, I find with limited editions that there just is too much on the packaging and the price increase to make other products worth it - except Rocky Horror! - so I had my eye set on these.

MAC Magic of the Night Evening Rendezvous Lipstick

After closer look on the website, I wanted a shade that was individual and not a repackaged original line so out went Please Me and my eyes drew to Evening Rendezvous. A gorgeous matte pink toned purple shade that was dying to be in my collection. I was so disappointed not to have spare money at the time Pure Heroine was released and I'm so glad I did this time!

On receiving the lipstick, the packaging shined in all it's glory and I love how I chose a purple shade and the tube is purple, not mistakes on what lipstick is inside there! It is a smooth creamy matte, similar to the formula of Velvet Teddy as I know that the mattes vary slightly as my Hearts Aflame lipstick is really dry and takes a bit more work. 

MAC Evening Rendezvous Lipstick Swatch

The wear time of this lipstick is amazing! I wore it from Amsterdam Schiphol to my boyfriend's house, a journey of about 1 and half hours all told with public transport and delays and ate a Boots Meal Deal, cried and drunk about 4 cups of tea before it wore off! I absolutely love the shade!

MAC Magic of the Night Evening Rendezvous Lipstick Lip Swatch

Have you picked anything up from the MAC Magic of the Night collection?
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Fashion | Little Black Dress

For the first time ever, Mary-Ann is wearing a fabulous dress and classy stiletto heels. I mean you might not have gathered from Angel Flicks but I'm a relatively casual girl and the most dressed up I get is maybe a pair of heels sometimes. I'm 5ft 9 so I have be careful of who I'm with so I don't look like a giant in heels!

Luxemme Leila Dress

It is so nice to find a dress though that covers my bum and keeps me from being arrested for indecency whilst not being see through - Luxemme you are amazing! This design is the Leila dress* which unfortunately now I can't find the link to, but is so comfortable! I've paired this with an eBay stick on bra just to help my confidence but honestly, you could get away with just nipple covers or zilch if you're less worried about smuggling raisins! The dress is so opaque it is amazing! So so worth taking a look for the perfect Christmas party dress that won't go sheer!

Luxemme Leila Dress

It is a halter neck design but you don’t need to fear about the dress coming down when an idiot unties it (most of my male friends are planktons haha) as it has handy button ties at the top that you would notice if someone started undoing you. The tie up across the middle of the back helps to add detail and I found it easy enough to tie up by myself. I’m a real worrier for the mini belly bulge that can appear just above your underwear and is rather noticeable in body con dresses and even with seamless knickers I’m still conscious of it. Leila has a ruffled/gathered part over the side as you can see in the photo helping to disguise any jiggly bits that you might not be so confident in.

Luxemme Leila Dress

I’m waiting for my next hot date to wear this out on and I really wish I had a gorgeous blazer that I could pair this with or a smarter coat than my Primark fur lined parka but I can hunt or just take my coat off when I arrive. It is a bit chillier now as this weekend was hovering on -2 where I was, not fun, so I think flesh tights would need to be paired with this to brave outside although I do see a lot of girls who brave it in not a lot!

Online Avenue Ivette Cut Out Lace Up Heels

My shoes are from Online Avenue and I can't believe how comfy they are. The heels are the Ivette Cut Out Lace Up Heels*, selling at £18.99 (BARGAIN ALARM) that are a faux suede material yet I could honestly not tell it is not real suede. The heels are 4.5inch and in the box they include a spare pair of heel protectors, saving you money to replace them after wear and tear *I can hear me asking dad to fix them when the time comes though*

Peep toe shoes always need a gorgeous pedicure to match so I love that the shoes are black, you can make your statement colour to match your lips, nails and your bag if you really want to spice up the look from just black! This winter I'm rocking the slightly brown toned berries or purple lips! There are cut outs in the shoes but they are placed to avoid the uncomfortable toe slip situation that occurs with most strappy/cut out shoes with me.

Online Avenue Ivette Cut Out Lace Up Heels

They are true to size, I received an 8 and they fit me great, not too tight or too big. It is also nice they are a true 8 as finding heels or shoes in general that aren't trainers from 'standard high street' stores is another shock (big feet girls you catch my drift!) Another pair of similar heels but give a bit more ankle support are the Kaya Lace Up Peep Toe Heels, another bargain at only £19.99.

As they are suede, even though a faux suede, I've given them a quick squirt with my shoe protector as I don't want to ruin it from good old English weather as they are so beautiful! I do this with most shoes but especially those that I feel like it's safer to be cautious than sorry! It is a zip fastening, making the lace up decoration so the chance of you falling out is very minimal and I'd much rather have a zip in heels as I drive so I need to be able to put them on quick when I arrive at my destination!

Another source of alternative evening wear is designer Annakiki so shop now!
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wednesday Wishlist | OMGNB Backpacks

Everyone likes a bargain price, and with the rise of ordering from online to get better deals I've come across a few different backpacks that you can rock across the Autumn Winter and look chic yet practical! I really like having a backpack as handbags tend to annoy me. If you see me and my best friend, 90% chance we both have backpacks rather than small handbags! OMGNB have a crazy range of fashionable yet useful backpacks with the measurements so checking your tablet/ laptop/ folder will fit will be easy!

OMGNB Backpacks
Elegant Black Lichee BackpackBow Animal Skin Effect BackpackBlack Patchwork Fringed and Metallic Panelled Backpack 
Have you got any other backpacks that have caught your eye?
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Haul | Freedom London 3 for 2 Haul

Freedom London, Makeup Revolution's little sister, keeps appearing everywhere on my feeds as I'm a bargain hunter - plus I love Ms Budget Beauty and she is the brand's main ambassador/ YouTuber. I was very cautious of Freedom for a long time as they are almost identical to Makeup Revolution and as I stock so much of their products in my current makeup collection, I didn't want to double up.

 Freedom London 3 for 2 Haul

Freedom has launched, as per expected, many dupes for high end products at affordable prices. I've had my eye set on all the other counterparts of these products for a long time and I'm so glad I choose saving over splurging!

Smashbox Primer Water launched last year (crazy how time flies) and it always drew my attention in Boots or Douglas but I really couldn't justify £20 for an unknown to me. However at the tiny price of £6, Freedom Pro Studio Priming Water would have been silly to leave behind! The scent reminds me of Refreshers, the fizzy ones, but that disappears and doesn't linger. It doesn't make my skin tacky as such but it does some makeup magic and does help my makeup on. It hasn't caused a single breakout, and has worked on days where I've used powder foundation, liquid or bb cream, all round worth your money I'd say.

Freedom London Pro Studio Priming Water

The next item that was on my list was the Freedom London Pro Brow Pomade in Taupe. I always used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Soft Brown but now my hair is growing I needed a lighter shade so Taupe was next on my list. At £15.50 a time, it's more than I can currently afford and I was not looking forward to the Cult Beauty order till Freedom announced they were launching their own version, at a much better £5, happy would be an understatement.

The pomade is very creamy and identical in consistency to ABH and doesn't budge once it's set however it does give you a little bit of clean up time when applying. It's got everything taupe should including a grey undertone!

Freedom London Brow Pomade Taupe

As it was on 3 for 2, I wanted to catch a freebie and after having a hunt around the site for another dupe that was £5 or less, I picked up the Freedom London Pro Glow in Purr. This blush, highlight and bronzer combo in a leopard print pattern, so an all in one powder. After dreaming after the Book of Bronzers by Too Faced it was nice to give the one shade I was concerned of Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer that sells for £21. They are 3 other shades of the Pro Glow range that all sell for £3.50 each.

Freedom London Pro Glow Purr

Have you picked up any Freedom makeup recently? Let me know in the comments on other things to try!
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Review & Giveaway | Blanx UK Teeth Whitening Naturally!

Teeth whitening has become a huge hit across the world in the recent rise of the selfie era. I've always wanted American sparkly white straight teeth but unfortunately I don't have the money or the like of the dentist to do that! I've tried using a teeth whitening tray before but my sensitivity really increased and I saw no difference in my teeth :( so when I was contacted about a natural teeth whitener that didn't involve leaving chemicals on my teeth or using LED lamps or the like I was very interested.

 Blanx UK Teeth Whitening Naturally

BlanX UK Teeth Whitening focus on removing the stains that are already there without using peroxide. They are non abrasive and do take a while to work however after about 3 weeks of using the Intense Stain Removal* (£4.20) I have noticed that my teeth colouring is becoming more even. 

BlanX have teamed up with Honestly Healthy to promote natural teeth whitening. There are many natural and healthier ways to whiten your teeth rather than using peroxide or any other abrasive chemicals! Did you know foods like strawberries, apples and carrots can help whiten your teeth? For a healthy recipe that can help whiten, check this video on Strawberry Gazpacho, on the BlanX UK YouTube page! 

Make sure to check out their Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for more tips! 

 Blanx UK Teeth Whitening Naturally

I can't wait to give the rest of the range a go but BlanX have very kindly offered me a whole range (worth £26.88) of their original products to give away to one of my lovely readers! If you aren't lucky enough to win, you can find BlanX products are available at Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and  Check out the giveaway below!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx
 *UK only due to shipping rules, sorry!* 
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Friday, 6 November 2015

Review | Benefit Cosmetics Goodie Bag

When I went to the #SuffolkBloggerMeet , I was very lucky to win a Benefit makeup goodie bag in the raffle! It contained 5 of their best face products, all full size, so I'm a very happy girlie!

Benefit Cosmetics Goodie Bag

Firstly was the They're Real duo of the mascara and gel eyeliner. I have a full size They're Real Mascara that I won a year ago from voting in the Times Beauty Awards, but I'm really happy to have a backup for when that runs out! I'm a very bad beauty blogger who doesn't throw away makeup in their scheduled time limits, I only get rid of makeup when it really has gone off! However the They're Real Eyeliner, I had never even swatched. When it came out, I read so many reviews of it being bad and hard to use and a lot that said it was amazing... I was so confused and with plenty of liquid liners I thought I'd leave it till I had more spare income! However I swatched the liner at the event and it was amazing! I've yet to try it on my lids, but I will tomorrow when I go away to escape for a while (it's been rather mental here at Angel HQ) so will give a go try then!

They're Real Push Up Liner They're Real Mascara Porefessional Benefit

All of the rest of the products I have never had a full size of. Porefessional was a blessing in a makeup bag for me as I was just on the need of buying a new primer as my trusty Etos ones have almost run out and I have no opportunity to buy anymore as I won't be going to Holland for the foreseeable future :( but that's another story not for now.. I have had a couple of sample sizes and I know that my skin does not react badly to it and it doesn't clog my pores which is great! I seem to get oiler and have more dry patches - thanks face - during winter so a good smoothing primer is key!

Coralista blusher is the most gorgeous coral with a hint of pink blush that I have ever come across. A good dupe that I originally fell in love with is ELF Tickled Pink. I have yellow undertones in my skin from my different deficiencies so I can wake up yellow but go to bed with pink undertones, it's really interesting so finding a blush that sits comfortably on my skin is amazing! Coralista helps brighten the face and illuminate natural healthy pink cheeks without being too bold or pink like cold winters!

Cha Cha Balm Coralista Box O Blush Benefit

Cha Cha Balm is another product I have never thought about trying. All the balms are on my 14 page wishlist but sometimes you can't buy everything even though the makeup addict in me wishes I could. It is a moisturising tinted balm that fits with coral tones. I'm unsure of how much of a tint it actually gives my lips as I have rather pink lips so it is more of super strength balm for me. The consistency is amazing though!

All of these products came in a material makeup bag that has been lined with wipe clean cloth so it's great for storing products on the go! Have you got any new Benefit makeup recently?

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Wednesday Wishlist |

I was recently contacted by a lovely lady at, a online fashion wholesaler and retail store, to work with them. After a little look around the site, I agreed as some of the products look brilliant for such affordable pricing. I've put a little list together of my favourite bits, let me know what you think in the comments below! wishlist
Meow JumperDream Believe AchieveFaux Croc HandbagBrush Drying standConcealer PaletteKabuki Brushes 

What do you like the most? Toodle pip till next time! xxx