Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Coming Soon | Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Collection

Zoeva are hitting us with some amazing launches this year. I love Zoeva brush and treat the Rose Golden Luxury Set with pride and tender loving care. I've just read an email about another launch coming soon!
Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Collection

The Bamboo Vol 2 Brush collection will be made up of 5 face brushes and 3 eye brushes. I'm really intruiged by this set and I'm not normally one for bamboo brushes but these look so appealing! The brushes are produced with free super eco-friendly renewable products: vegan taklon hair, bamboo handles and golden coloured aluminium.
Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Collection

The 5 face brushes are 103 Definer Brush, 105 Highlight, 109 Face Paint, 128 Cream Cheek and 142 Concealer Buffer. These brushes will cover a wide range of products and I love that there is a brush specially designed for cream cheek products as I really struggle to find the best one for my cream blushes and highlighter. A separate highlighter brush sounds pretty interesting as well, I currently use a blush brush as a highlighter brush but I feel that sometimes it's a little too fluffy (to help stop Coco the Clown cheeks) which stops me from getting a nice strong highlight.

Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Collection
The eye brushes are a bit more limited here from Zoeva but it is still enough to do a good eye look as there is the right about of brushes to pack on colour, smoke it out and blend with liner to finish. There is 227 Soft Definer, 232 Classic Shader and 317 Wing Liner.

Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Collection
Another thing that's drawn me to this set and to show you it is that there is a cardboard brush holder as well as large clutch. I know with my rose gold set I have a clutch but no holder, however the co-ordinating cardboard tubes makes the display of the sustainable eco brushes easier on your vanity.

The set comes in at 65€ and is available on the Zoeva website here from March 30th.
Will you be getting this amazing release? Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Empties | February 2015

I'm on the blogging roll this month, an empties, a favourites and a MOTD within the first 10 days of the month, I'm so glad I've got my mojo back! This month has appeared to be a toiletries month again, no matter how hard I try, my makeup just doesn't want to run out, I guess that's a good thing really?
Aussie Miracle Moist Garnier Ultimate Blends The Silky Smoother Aussie Miracle Recharge

All of these products are amazing and I love them all. I would happily repurchase them again and I already have bought another Aussie Leave In Conditioner Spray just not the same Miracle Moisture Recharge as I couldn't find it in my town :( however the Miracle Hair Insurance seems to be exactly the same thing! Miracle Moist Shampoo was what I first started when I realised just how much damage I had caused when I bleached the bananas out of my hair and it really did help. I found if I used it once a week (after using other shampoos) it just gave that Sunday wash the kick it needed to really nourish while cleaning my hair. It did what it said on the bottle, miraculous moisturise my poor dry damaged hair.  Garnier Ultimate Blends have appeared many a time on Angel Flicks as I really wanted to give the whole range a go! I do love the silky smoother range the best, and this conditioner smells gorgeous and leaving it on my ends for a good 5 minute made it so silky soft and "calmed down" if that makes sense!

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Liz Earle, the best thing since sliced bread, I had awful skin as a pre-teen and early teen and when my mum took me by the hand and got me to start using Liz Earle I couldn't be more thankful. The Gentle Face Exfoliator is gentle enough for everyday use, which I prefer to do in the summer to keep that dry skin from the heat at bay. Instant Boost Skin Tonic is a spray toner that I used after cleansing before moisturising to tone the skin and refresh the face whilst closing the pores (seems crazy before moisturising but moisturiser can clog pores if they aren't closed slightly). It's refreshing and lovely, throughout the day as well! Both repurchased!

The Little Bubble Co Vanilla Biscuit Shower Gel Avon Secret Fantasy Perfume Maybelline Baby Skin Primer

The Little Bubble Co. another friend here on Angel Flicks, I love love love their shower gels and have only just changed my shower gel to try and NSPA shower gel this month, I love the scents, they aren't drying on the skin and don't react with eczema or freshly shaved bits and pieces. Secret Fantasy EDT from Avon is a perfume I've had hanging around for far too long, I think since my sixth form days, but I have just finished and I would love to purchase this cheap and cheerful perfume but I've got my eyes on so many more upmarket scents, I'll have to say goodbye for now! Maybelline Baby Skin Primer is always in my drawer, I love the silicone based primer as it makes my skin so much smoother before applying my makeup.

What have you finished up in February? Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Sunday, 8 March 2015

MOTD | Smokey Eyes and Bright Red Lips

Angel Flicks MOTD
Angel Flicks MOTD
I'm determined to do more makeup looks this year, just need to get my selfie game and confidence on par! I wore this look last Wednesday to college and I really liked, it made my confidence really high as I've always been a fan on darker, more dramatic looks. I have since done my overgrown brows again, they are so bad here!!

Simple L'oreal True Match Urban Decay Primer Potion

For this look I started off with my current favourite base of Simple Illuminating Cream with  Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, L'Oreal True Match Foundation and Touche Magique Concealer on my under eyes (I've written a whole post about these two here). I set all this with my favourite Essence powder and then continued with using my Naked Basics 2 palette to do my brows with the shade Cover and then set with Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown. I didn't feel that blusher was needed for this look so I did a slight subtle contour with The Body Shop Honey Bronzer Shade 2 and MAC Crew Highlighter.

MAC Crew Highlighter Honey Bronzer Essence

Now to the eyes, I know most people say heavy eyes or dramatic lips, but I like both! It's just how I roll haha! I primed my eyes with Original Urban Decay Primer Potion before creating the look with just one palette, Girls On Film by Makeup Revolution. This was my first MR palette and I still love it dearly! I started with a base of Camera Rolling a lovely pinky silver shade before going over most  of the lid with Made A Million to give it the silver smokey eye I was after, finally with the matte black shade ironically named So Bright in the outer v to finish it off. My Zoeva Petit Crease brush for perfect for that edgey smokey that I love in the outer V. For the under eye I brought down the Made A Million for along the majority of the lower lash line and finished with the inner corner using Gleam for the MR Colour Chaos Palette. I used a silver eyeliner in my waterline that my Dutch sister-in-law gave me and I don't know the brand sorry!

Angel Flicks MOTD

To do my wing I used Essence Liquid Ink Wet Eye Liner* which is far by the easiest liquid liner to use that isn't in a pen form. Lashes were the trusty work of the DermaV10 mascara* that is only £1, unbelievable!

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Makeup Revolution Girls On Film

My lips were one of my favourites, they weren't quite as matte as I hoped because I had quickly applied lip balm prior to apply one of my favourite liquid lipstick Essence XXL Long Lasting Matt Lipgloss in 07 Silky Red* . It is so easy to apply and I find it lasted for a good 4-5 hours before I needed to reapply.

Essence XXL Long Lasting Matte Lipgloss Silky Red

Do you like this look? What look do you like at the moment?
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Favourites | February 2015

Little update to start off with, I am so sorry I've dropped to blogging once a week or less, I'm so busy with college work, Jeff being here and general life, I wish I could blog more, plus photo taking is so hard but with a rearrange of my room and a new white desk - I should have more luck!

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

My first favourite of this month has to be Urban Decay Naked Basics 2. I won this lovely palette in a giveaway from the beautiful Jesstastics (you have to check her out!). I have used this palette everyday for the last couple of weeks to do my brows as I've discovered that Cover is the perfect shade for my brows especially after I've tinted them! I find that Primal works really well in the crease! I hope that once my hair starts to grow out that I can find another UD shadow to fill my brows as it stays really on my brows all day. I put on my Instagram (@angelflicks_ ;) ) that I was doing a full review of this, I promise it is coming!!

YSL Black Opium

Secondly, I'm still in love with Black Opium that Jeff and his parents got me for Christmas. It smells mature yet it is still light enough that I can use it during the day and I don't really like strong adult scents like Alien for example.
ELF Cream Eyeliner

I've really been failing with eyeliner this month, badly, I think I've only done it well once this month and there will be a MOTD post coming on that look in the next couple of weeks, hopefully this upcoming week! I've been resorted to using my trusty ELF cream eyeliner just along the lash line that I thought would have dried up ages ago but fortunately it hasn't and it works great with my Wilko eyeliner brush for a thicker line or for a sophisticated thin subtle line I use my Zoeva Wing Liner brush.
Rimmel 107 Avon Hollywood Siren Lipstick
Rimmel 107 Avon Hollywood Siren Lipstick Swatch

Rimmel 107 (bottom swatch) and Avon Hollywood Siren (top swatch) were all I used on my lips for most of February, I want to get the last bit out of dark lips and start introduced brighter reds into my looks and these two have just shined through. I love how creamy they both are even though 107 is matte it isn't really so drying on my lips and I use my trusty Essence lip liner to stop bleeding! They both last so long, even through a Starbucks lunch with cheesy toasties! 

What have you been enjoying this month? Anything I should wish for or get out of my stash?
Toodle pip till next time! xxx