Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Perfect Pair for Pale Skinned Girls

I have finally found a "go-to" foundation and concealer! I have such a pale complexion, I think I'm either MAC NW15 or NC15, can't remember when I was swatching whilst waiting for a girl to become free in Debenhams to ask about something else.
L'Oreal True Match Foundation
I received a sample of L'Oreal True Match through an online sample that L'Oreal were offering on their website/Facebook  (I can't remember which!) and I was dubious of it as the colour had been chosen for me by answering a few questions but I was so glad it came! I was really struggle as my big foundation splurge had been in the summer and I've definitely noticed that now not even my palest of foundations were suiting me, by no means. It is the lightest shade they offer, R1 Rose Ivory. It is a super cool, pink toned foundation that is almost white, similar to me! It is the perfect match for my skin, I don't need to panic about blending down my neck, it's the same colour! (I still do though, as I like the more flawless look!)
True Match Rose Ivory Foundation Swatch
It provides medium coverage but definitely buildable. It is quite runny but I choose to apply it with my Primark Beauty Sponge (£1.50 dupe of the Beauty Blender) and it goes on without any creases or streaks and it just looks great, especially paired with Porefessional from Benefit.

I also ran out of my undereye concealer as you would have seen here in my January Empties. I struggled for a couple of weeks with just using my normal concealer and hoping for the best but as Boots have a 2 for £12 in store (3 for 2 online at the moment!) offer I couldn't resist picking up their undereye concealer!
L'Oreal Paris True Match Touche Magique Concealer

The L'Oréal Paris True Match Touche Magique Concealer is a god send at the moment! I have the shade Ivory Beige that appears really banana yellow, like Ben Nye Banana Powder yellow, but it covers dark circles and blends amazingly!

I really like the pairing of these too and I think the next concealer for me will be the True Match Concealer as my Lasting Perfection is almost dead and a little too pink for me now! I really like how many shades are in the True Match range considering it is a drugstore brand, I like they've thought about different colours and tones for lighter skin but not many there for darker girls unfortunately but at the moment, you're almost perfect L'Oreal!

What do you think of the True Match range from L'Oreal? Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Monday, 16 February 2015

Review | Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette*

Iconic Pro 1*, the answer the British makeup junkie's dreams! Iconic Pro* is as you will soon seen after the swatches are an amazing dupe of the Lorac Pro palettes with Makeup Revolution releasing 2 to follow both Lorac palettes. The Iconic Pro palette contains 16 shades with the top row being purely mattes and the second row containing shimmers. The shimmers are amazing as per every Makeup Revolution palette I have tried (this palette makes number 9!) and the mattes are pretty good quality for budget mattes, just I'm so pale the lighter shades barely show on my arm but would make great brow bone highlights. Compared to the other MR palettes I have, Iconic Pro has a matte lid, similar to the Nars packaging and I think this helps to make it look more professional compared to others in their collection.

The palette also comes with a 1989 double ended brush that reminds me a lot of the brush that came with my Naked 2 palette with a blending brush end and a shader brush end. I haven't tried this out yet but it is synthetic so it should be good to use with both powder and cream products, and I've been looking for another cream product brush to use apart from my Nanshy Blending Brush.

The top row is all matte shades, and they are really nice cool toned shades. Even the darker shades like Afflicted and Drama are definitely cool toned!
 The second row contains the shimmer shades and I really love these shades and I think Stage, Too Grey and Afflicted (top row) would make an awesome smokey eye! With Dawn, Need, Luna and Ghost, they make good highlight shades as they are so light that they barely show on my very pale skin.
Available for £6.99 here, will you be giving this a go? Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Empties | January 2015

Been a while since I did an empties post as in December I didn't really finish anything, just super close to again, however this month I'm going through the hair care! Trying to get rid of the insane stash of shampoo and conditioner I have built up!

Garnier VO5 Batiste Caudalie

See what I mean, lots of hair care this month! VO5 Cherish My Colour Shampoo has been kicking around in my house since I first dyed my hair way back in July 2013. It's an okay shampoo but it really isn't anything special at smoothing, colour protecting or any of that jazz, it washed my hair and that was about it for me! Finally got round to using it up instead of just throwing it anyway. 

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Silky Smoother on the other hand is my favourite shampoo to date! It smells so spa like and fresh that when my hair is washing in it I love it for days. It makes my dry damaged hair really easy to handle especially as my natural hair is very curly and frizzy! I wish I could justify re-buying it but I will be as soon as I've finished more of my stash! 

The Colour Illuminator range really let me down, I did loose a lot of colour from my hair when I used this with my permanent reddy pink colour and it did nothing for semi-permanent colours! I find colour protect ranges just destroy my hair. I was glad to see the end of this!

Another huge can of Batiste ran out this month, but tropical has become my favourite scent now and I always pick a massive can up when it's on offer! 

Caudalie Divine Oil was in a GlossyBox many moons ago when I still subscribed, and I have to say it isn't amazing for the price. I find that my Clynol Luminous Oil or my Schwarzkopf Got2B Oil-licious is much better for hair! I don't know about body as I never tried it but definitely not repurchasing as this girl's pockets are tight this month! 

Pearl Drops The Little Bubble Co Liz Earle

Pearl Drops Party Sparkle is a Poundland find, Pearl Drops is the best in the highstreet for whitening teeth in my opinion so of course at a pound I'd pick it up! However party sparkle is more designed as the last minute before a party whiten so it didn't really work that well for the whole month compared to using a different Pearl Drops for the month before, they were still whiter than before though! 
The Little Bubble Co is a favourite here at Angel Flicks as you probably found out in these other posts! Ginger Spiced Tart was the scent I choose to use over December and January to feel all festive and again it didn't disappoint, so so nice!
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, back up bought before this one even ran out, always the best at keeping my skin at it's best!

The Body Shop Collection Cosmetics

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer was a hit across the blogging world when The Body Shop launched the product. It works really well on bad skin days as the tea tree helps soothe and reduce breakouts if I'm having them and do want to wear makeup. It is a bit harsh on my combination/dry skin so I need to be careful when I use it but before when my skin was oily (hormone changes) and in the summer, this is perfect!
Another Collection Cosmetics concealer that isn't raved about as much but totally should be! This is the Illuminating Touch concealer in Naked 1, think Touche Èclat, and it is perfect for undereye concealer and brightening the face. I'm definitely repurchasing this when I go shopping on Valentine's Day. 

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Friday, 6 February 2015

Review | Mr Nutcase MacBook Pro Case*

Mr Nutcase is well known around the bloggersphere for it's individual personalised cases, I have myself an personalised iPhone 5C case* that I got from Mr Nutcase and it's adorable and durable ;). When I saw that Mr Nutcase had branched into Personalised MacBook Covers, something I had invested in from Amazon once I started taking my laptop to college but soon starting to wear and chip, I was excited to be able to trial a Mr Nutcase one!

You may be shocked that I didn't choose a picture of makeup, my cats or me and my boyfriend but it is a picture that my Dad took in Greece when on holiday with my brother there. I don't know why but scrolling through the shared drive on our network I came across this really good quality picture of a building (comment if you know what it is!) that I thought would be a nice cover due to the colours and then the photo won't age either like old makeup or my cats grow up for example.

The case is very well moulded from quality plastic that doesn't feel like it will just sheer off at the slightest knock. An added bonus is that the feet to hold the laptop off of the surface slightly are also solid, rather than the stupid foam stickers I had on my other case that came off after a while.

The case is all correctly cut out and shaped so you can still use the ports and the air vents are also still left open so you don't need to worry about the laptop over heating from the case.

You can still see the Apple logo through the case when the laptop is on but this doesn't affect me really and I don't mind it to be honest however you can order the case to have a hole to see the Apple logo through! The laptop case is available for MacBook Air 11 and 13 inch and MacBook Pro Retina 13 and 15 inch for £44.95.

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Review | TMart Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes*

As you have seen hauls are definitely not appearing here on Angel Flicks over the past month or so, this is because I'm desperately saving up to hopefully start my own business and get a car in the next couple of months. I'm also in debt to my mum which I am slowly paying back and is almost there, however girl can't never stop shopping can she? I'm trying and the next few posts are all budget friendly so that's helping me and hopefully others in the same situation!
TMart Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes

I was sent some makeup brushes from Tmart to try just after New Year and have given a good month worth of testing to see if they were good to use and how well they would last after a few washes. At first I was unsure of what the brushes would be like as they are so affordable, where they going to be rubbish?

The set I received was the 24pcs Pro Cosmetic Makeup Brushes with Black Bag*, and be warned there's a lot of photos!
TMart Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes
The packaging was well wrapped and there was no tears in the packaging and when it had travelled all the way from China I was worried it would be damaged by the time they arrived so that was a benefit. When I unwrapped the packing, the brushes and their case were all in tact and were almost ready to use. The bigger brushes were protected with plastic brush protector and the handles were covered in a plastic, it looked very hygienic however TMart suggested to wash the brushes before use. I was definitely glad I did this, the amount of dust and black water that washed down the skin was horrible! But they did advise it so I can't fault it, after using Makeup Revolution Anti-Bacterial Brush Shampoo I was happy to start using them on my face!

TMart Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes
TMart Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes
TMart Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes
Shedding, it doesn't appear to be a problem with eye brushes, and 3 have made my top 5! However, the larger, not so soft, brushes do shed a little. Although saying they aren't soft doesn't mean they're horrible, I really like the fan and the angled face brush. I can't judge the flat foundation brush as I don't like using them so didn't try as I find them all horrible even if they cost £1000. I haven't really noticed much shedding except in the larger ones occasionally when washing.
TMart Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes
TMart Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes
I really like how there is a whole range of eye brushes, that are a really good start for beginnings or just as a good range of brushes to play with. They are all good except this weird plastic fibre one, it is really bizarre and I'm not sure what it is even for... The next few photos are my favourites, plus the large fan brush above! The spoolie is really handy for eyebrows, the angled face brush I use to blend out bronzer, the thick shader is great for packing on colour, the middle is great at blending and I use the last eye brush as a detailer!
TMart Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes
TMart Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes
TMart Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes

I have to say that if these were your first set of makeup brushes, I would have to recommend a couple of different face brushes as I haven't found one I like for highlighter or my base/concealer. If you want a whole range of eye brushes and the best fan brush I've ever used, this set is perfect - especially considering the price! Tmart Makeup Brushes seem to be some the best cheap brushes I've tried, I really can't complain about the eye brushes and feel that it would be investment to have a little look round and try some kabuki style brushes as I'm really tempted by these! From what I can tell it is also free shipping to the UK on most if not all things, that's so good, the products do take about 3 weeks to come but that is better than some orders from the States I have had before.

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Monday, 2 February 2015

Pockets feeling a bit empty?*

My bank balance is crying this month, with missed shifts and lots of expenses this month I'm really feeling really skint this month! Anyone else having January money blues? Look no further I've found a solution!

Voucher Bin are a website that collects the best online vouchers in one place, helping you save time and money. There is a handy saving calculator to help you narrow the Voucher Bin deals that will be most relevant to you! Rather than on other websites where you can get bombared with deals for over £++ when you aren't wishing to spend large amounts just wanting some savings!
VoucherBin Savings Calculator

There are lots of big brands on the site, such as Joules, BHS and Currys. I've also noticed that currently on the home page there is a Feel Unique voucher so that's great as I sometimes missed sales on at stores if I'm not signed up to receive countless emails from all the shops I like to buy at! The hottest offers I've found are:

If you are wanting to spend but need to save, Voucher Bin should really help you out! I know it's helped me find a few good ones! 

What do you think about Voucher Bin? Worth the extra seconds looking, I do! Toodle pip till next time! xxx