Saturday, 31 January 2015

Review | Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette*

Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette

I was kindly sent this palette a little while ago but didn't get round to reviewing after getting sick and college work getting in the way! It's such bright colours that poorly me wasn't feeling confident going out in! I've tried it out since and I'm annoying I haven't really had a length of wear test on this but I will definitely do a MOTD with this palette to see how well it truly lasts!

Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette

I've noticed this palette the mattes don't seem to be as pigmented as the other Salvation palettes I have tried however this might because during swatching, the mattes and the shimmers are all mixed together so you compare the two and with most mattes they won't appear as pigmented as there is no shimmer to give an illusion. The shimmer colours are definitely bright and 'wow factor' shades!

The palette is designed to create a look with the colour ranges, or mix it up yourself! I think that the blue/purple look would be the most wearable however I think that the shades are better to be mixed up with other more 'sensible' (as my mum would say!) colours!

Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette
These are the 3 highlight shades and I love Rave Off as I think it would be amazing at an inner corner highlight with Rave On as a brow bone highlight as I prefer a matte brow bone highlight. 

Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette
Aren't these pretty! I think Right Now across the lid, Rave Off as inner corner highlight and Final Track in the outer V would be amazing for a pink girly brighening look! Pair it up with your favourite pinky nude and you'd be set for a day of eye catching yet not too daring makeup!

Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette
These colours would be rocked on a girl with a darker skin tone, I think it would definitely enhance the shades. Re-mix is one of my favourite shades in the palette as it's a snake skin shade with a gorgeous sheen to it. 
Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette

This was a hard one for me to get focused so sorry it doesn't follow the pattern! My hand kept shaking and autofocus and stabilising didn't help! Magician reminds me a lot of MAC Heroine lipstick. Rave all night would be a good lid colour to pair with dark silver and a tiny bit of black for a twist on a smokey eye!

This palette looks really scary at first, but with some thought and ideas coming it can be a great feature in your makeup collection to come up a great individual look! Buy here for £6.
What would you do with this Pro Looks palette? Let me know in the comments!
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Friday, 30 January 2015

Why doesn't my hair look right?

I have written many posts about my hair story, I should really do another one as I've changed it a lot since the last posts found here and other hair related posts here. I've always struggling to get the right cut and try my best to explain to my hair dresser what I am after but always fail! Cool Blades have come up with a infograph to help you find your best hair (and makeup) for your face shape, this could come in so handy if you are struggling like me or really fancy a chop! It's full of helpful advice and is really easy to understand! I am glad I received as now I've had the chop and my oval face is enjoying it's new fringe and more shapely layers!
Hair for my face shape cool blades
Does this help you out? Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Review | Origins Mask Marvel Gift Set

Origins Mask Marvel Gift Set
 Origins are a skincare brand that is close to my heart. I still vaguely remember the first time that my mum ever bought something from an Origins counter in John Lewis MK. It was something Ginger scented and wow did I hate the scent (still do!) ! However I was bought back to it after getting myself into the Ginzing craze and then have used a few of their amazing products since, review here. I picked this trio up in Boots just before Jeff went back home and it was a bargain at £19.99 instead of £30.00! Brilliant! I split the cost, and contents of course, with mum and I have to say - I'm impressed!
The face masks come nicely packaged, as a gift set and I think it would be a lovely gift for any woman in your life as even if they do not know of the Origins brand the design looks expensive and luxurious.
Origins Clear Improvements Face Mask
Clear Improvements is a detoxifying masks that draws out the impurities in the face. Don't be scared that it is black, it's the charcoal that is actually really good for blocked pores! I used this all over my face when I was having a bit of a break out and it cleared right up, I now use this weekly on my t-zone to get rid of those pesky blackheads and I have noticed a difference!

Origins Drink Up Intensive Face Mask
Drink Up Intensive is an overnight mask that is designed to give your skin that overnight drink, like you've drunk litres of water throughout the day and night without the need to wee all day! I haven't used this personally but my mum tried it out and really loved it! It helped her skin feeling baby smooth again even in this horrible weather. 

Origins Out Of Trouble Face Mask
Out of Trouble, is a quick working mask that solves those "my skin looks poop" days when your skin is just oily and steps in to stop any trouble from spots that have just started to make their presence known. It works, I used it before my next troublesome time and it did stop it happening, thanks Origins!

Have you tried any Origins masks or products before? Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Review | Schwarzkopf Got2B Mind Blowing Xpress Dry Spray*

As a Schwarzkopf VIP, I received my first parcel of goodies a couple of weeks ago. I received 3 products from the Got2B Mind Blowing range and this is the first I've tried. This is the same review, possibly a little more detail though, than I left on the Schwarzkopf VIP site which is full of amazing reviews that you should definitely check out! (I was not sponsored for this post or because I have a blog I'm just sharing my opinion on here, I am only sent the products because I will review on Schwarzkopf's own website)

First impressions of Got2B Mindblowing Xpress Dry Spray*! This product seemed like it would be great and be amazing for long hair or thick hair that takes forever to dry! My hair is super thick and I work at night however when I need to wash my hair at 11:30pm and try to leave the house at 8am the next day, I need it to be quick!

The spray scent reminds me of Robinson's Blackcurrant and Apple squash as a child, it is rather sweet but not too overbearing! I sprayed about 20/30 cm away from my hair however with my roots I went further away as I'm scared of product residue from the conditioning side will leave greasy roots.
Be careful not to over apply as it goes really crunchy and hair can feel slightly sticky afterwards.
The product definitely works! It dries my hair in half the usual time which drastically reduces the heat damage to my hair, a bonus! My hair seems a bit frizzy afterwards (my natural hair can be frizzy) however after applying oil to the lengths and then dry oil spray to the whole head there was no frizz in sight and looked really straight and nice!

The colours are amazing of the packaging! The light aqua blue and pink look really nice on my dresser and I think that if all of the Got2B products were this colour, it would be amazing :D
I'm slightly concerned that this spray could end up drying and/ or damaging the hair as it must use some form of chemical reaction to speed up the effects of drying. I know the product gives heat protection and conditioning factors but it may still be a little bit damaging in places or is the conditioning to counteract the damage.

This product is super cheap for the amount of product you use per hair wash, even if you used this 3 times a week, I still say you'd get a good couple even 3 months use. Currently on sale for £2.66 at Superdrug here, regular price of £3.99!
How you tried this range yet? What are your opinions, plus anymore tips of quick drying hair?
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Review | MAC Velvet Teddy

Sorry for the portrait photo!!
MAC Velvet Teddy
 I finally got the most precious MAC lipstick out there at the moment, MAC Velvet Teddy is well known as the Kylie Jenner lip colour especially when paired with Whirl lip liner. I love this lipstick, for the whole day I wore it for. I ordered it in December when I got the email notification that it was back in stock but now I am without it again! Jeff took it back to the Netherlands by accident as it was in his bag somehow :(
MAC Velvet Teddy
 It is my first "grown up" brown nude shade, and I think it suits everyone skin tone as I am very pale and it looks okay and Kylie herself is more tanned and looks great plus I think even the darkest skin tones could use this for a contrasting lip colour as this is a lighter brown shade. I wore this with lip colour when we went shopping on the Saturday before Jeff went home and I loved it so much.

As I can't include a swatch as I never seemed to take a swatch on my arm after I took this photos (with his iPhone 6+ you can tell from the amazing quality!) I've included a photo of me wearing it on the day! Next time you see it in stock you should order it!
MAC Velvet Teddy

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Review | LUSH Cinders Bath Bomb

This was a part of my rather tiny Boxing Day sale order from LUSH and I only got one of these for myself and one for my mum as I heard Tanya Burr say in her vlogs that it smelt amazing as I had never actually seen in my local store to give a sniff! I also really like the name as it is the same as one of my friend's dog haha!
LUSH Cinders Bath Bomb

The bath bomb turns the water a yellow colour and to me smelt just like butterscotch mixed with winter spice - very good indeed! There was popping candy inside to give the effect of cracking wood on a fireplace which was a nice touch.

LUSH Cinders Bath Bomb

I do have to say I think I prefer bubble bars to bath bombs however if my bath turns pretty like Northern Lights, then I still like them lots! I have included another gif of how the bath bomb turned out to show you all it wasn't a disappointing no show! Sadly it was a Christmas limited edition but it should probably pop up next year as it seems to be a reoccuring one!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Review | Wilko Blush and Eyeliner Brush

Wilko brushes are a building phenomenon, but I still don't think that they are well enough preached about. I have only tried the eyeliner and blush brush as I didn't really need any other brushes and especially as I am trialling some brushes from Tmart Market at the moment I really don't need any others!

I bought these brushes when Jeff was over just before Christmas and gave them a good trial, including a couple of washes. The design is quite cutesy so if that isn't you, then maybe you would prefer the more expensive brush range (by a couple of pounds) as they have a more simple design of orangey gold and black.

The eyeliner brush is stiff and holds shape, especially once product is added which makes smooth line a dream. If it wasn't for the fact I am rubbish at using gel eyeliner for wings, I would be a true convert to gel liner. This brush is just the right thickness and length to give you plenty of room while staying in control of the brush. I've managed to use without my contact lenses in (meaning very close to the mirror makeup) and successfully managed, basically the test of easiness of use for me!

The blush brush I bought to use as a highlighter brush. I use my Real Techniques blush brush for my blusher and my Zoeva 127 for my bronzer and while I'm saving up for more Zoeva brushes I have bought this to fill in the gaps as sometimes product is still on the brush making my highlighter turn pink - not good. The Wilko brush gives sheer coverage, but as I haven't tried it with blusher it would be hard to tell how much product it would pick up for a coloured shade. I find it distributed my highlighter nicely and you can't tell the brush only cost £2 compared to other premium brushes.

Most of the brushes come in blue or pink so you can decide which colours you really want, however on the day I went in to my local store they only had a blue eyeliner brush and a pink blush, but I'm not too fussed!

Overall I would give these brushes a 8/10 ! They have a bit of a cutesy design rather than the premium range of brushes that Wilko stock (I use that eyeliner brush for my brows haha!) but they work brilliantly and are very economically friendly!

Have you tried any? What do you think? Toodle pip till net time! xxx

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Review | Makeup Revolution Girl Panic Palette*

I was sent this palette before Christmas and I've loved trying it out. I really like the name and it is turning into a panic palette to me, if I need a quick wash of colour without time for eyeliner then I've picked this up a few times recently. I found Makeup Revolution the best highstreet brand for me, it's affordable, the products are good and the brand seems to be very customer focussed.

Girl Panic* comes in hot pink cardboard packaging with a sleek back plastic palette inside and would really draw my eye in Superdrug if I walked past it. There are 18 shades, 12 shimmers, 6 mattes like all the salvation palettes. I've got a 3 other of the palettes and the quality of the shadows don't vary which is amazing for a budget palette range. The shimmer shades are very sheer on the eye but they are so light that I couldn't imagine them being more opaque to be honest!

I love how you can create a coppery smokey eye, a dusky rose smokey eye, and a purple/dark smokey eye. I'm going to feature a face of the day with this palette soon!

Makeup Revolution have just released a White Chocolate palette and on Friday Pro Looks Palettes are being released, British Beauty Blogger has written all about them here (white choc) and here (pro).

Have you been enjoying any Makeup Revolution products? I have!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Monday, 5 January 2015

Getting back into reading for 2015!

I am determined to get rid of the amount of books on my 'to read' list for 2015. It isn't a resolution or anything just I need to rewind and relax. I've been so stressed this past year and it showing with constant fatigue, illness and just feeling like poop. Jeff was super sweet and found me a reading challenge that I really want to complete and I think I have almost enough books on my shelf shelves to complete and if I don't I'll pop to the library or use my Dad's old Kobo that he gave me when he bought his iPad. It is from PopSugar and I think I'll use Goodreads to help track it! Find it here and I hope you can join in too!
It'll be great to get some reading done and I can't wait to try and get more pro-active! I'll be keeping track of it on here as well so expect more book reviews this year on Angel Flicks!
Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Saturday, 3 January 2015

OOTD | Grunge Acid Wash

Quite OOTD post today, I wore this outfit last Sunday when my cousins came over to see us all for Christmas. My fringe looks absolutely amazing in this photo but it didn't want to play the game and I ended up tying up my hair out of frustration as the day went on haha!

I really like acid wash clothing as I love the grunge element of it. The shirt and jeans are particularly new but I've seen similar around and I'll leave the links below for the them. This outfit is quick and simple to put together and you can wear whatever shoes or jacket of your choice with them! My shirt was originally TopShop and my jeans were H&M (who still stock similar!) Keep an eye out for burnout tees as they are like a basic tee but look like you've made more effort!
T-Shirt TopShop - Similar, Jeans H&M - Similar
What's your acid wash item? Toodle pip till next time! xxx