Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Review | Mr Nutcase Phone Case*

The lovely people at Mr Nutcase kindly gave me the chance to try and review one of their personalised cases. I chose the 2 picture hard case for my brand new iPhone 5C that I got on Saturday. The process is simple, choose your case style, how many photos you would like on your case, then upload your photos and you're done!

It took me 5 minutes from loading the homepage to place my order, this included trying out a few different photos so that was great that it was so easy to do! It arrived in 2 days with free postage. I love my case, which is easy to attach and remove but stays on! You know what I mean; no one likes a case that is stuck on like glue! I choose 2 pictures of me and my boyfriends as I rarely see him as he lives in The Netherlands. It's a nice little reminder :)

They have given me a voucher code to share with you to get 10% off your order which is "Thanku10". I highly recommend you get yourself one - go look now at Mr Nutcase!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bleaching with Jerome Russell!

So after 3 attempts of using vitamin C - the last being last night - my hair colour wasn't quite were I wanted it! However if you don't want to bleach your hair after about 3 more Vitamin C baths it would have been removed! I also fancied going lighter blonde than my original ombrè as I haven't achieved the platinum blonde that I wanted with the L'Oreal Feria Platinum Blonde Ombrè kit, which would have been good if my hair responded to bleach and dye better!

I decided to mix my own bleach this time as I already had the shape of the ombrè I wanted so it would be easy to complete with a tint brush. I followed all the instructions on the box which I brought in Superdrug, Jerome Russell Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach (£3.99) and 40 Vol Peroxide Cream (£1.69). Please note you get 4 sachets of powder bleach but you need 1 bottle of peroxide per sachet so if you need more than 75ml of bleach then get more bottles of peroxide :)

I mixed in a glass bowl as my mixing container isn't big enough with a tint brush. I apply to brushed dried hair and left on for 50 minutes. I checked my hair at 20, 40 and then decided to remove at 50. Because my hair was already bleached and quite light (well a light green) the maximum time on the back of the box said 60 minutes. Although it suggests 30 Vol Cream I knew that it would need 40 Vol from other bloggers and my previous experience with bleach.

I washed my hair out and follow with John Frieda Go Blonder Shampoo (£5.99 but on 2 for £8 currently) to make sure all the bleach was removed.
I then towel dried and applied a toner. Jerome Russell Bblonde Platinum Blonde toner (can't find it online but it is £4.99 in stores) is designed to lighten and tone that lasts up to 8 washes. I used it to lighten any of the brassy tones that may have still be in there! It is similar to a silver shampoo being purple in colour, just slightly thicker. It's a shame it's a single use product as I have lots left still :(

Once applied, put in plastic, I used two small bags on each half of my head as it's not all over bleaching, and then heated for 4 minutes, followed by 30 minutes waiting then rinsed and followed with shampoo again. After all the damage, I got myself another hair mask: Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Intensive Mask, currently at £1.97 instead of £3.99. It has a lovely scent of red raspberries and works like a dream, definitely one to add to my weekly hair care!

And the effects I'm very happy with!! I love the new colour!! Sorry for the awful quality but I didn't have much time with it being my birthday weekend!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Removing Semi-Permanent Hair Colour with Vitamin C #02

I’m desperate to remove this colour out of my hair! I really want my hair back to it’s ombrè by the weekend as it’s my 18th birthday on Saturday and my boyfriend is coming to stay at mine for the first time and this is the only hair style of mine he hasn’t seen in the flesh before!

If you haven’t seen the first post with instructions on how to do this yourself, this is the link.

I made a slight change to my formula this time and have added Fairy Liquid (dish soap) to the mix as I’ve seen from washing the blue with Fairy Liquid it has lifted a lot of the colour. I also changed from the cheap Bristows shampoo to using Hair&Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo from Poundland (it’s the cheap version of Head & Shoulders) as it is more brutal than other shampoos.

I left it on my hair for 2 hours before washing out and following with John Freida Go Blonder Shampoo and a deep condition using some conditioner that came with some hair dye along the line!

It has again lifted quite a lot of the colour out and as you can see in the photos the blonde is showing through. Hopefully when I do this again on Wednesday night it will take out all the remaining colour!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Sunday, 18 May 2014

MAC Maleficent Lipstick - True Love's Kiss

I couldn't be happier when I had this fall through my letter box yesterday! I have been waiting since MAC first announced the collaboration for this and ordered once the launch started (between launch email and confirmation of the order was 10 minutes)!

I love reds and dark lipsticks as they go with my dark alternative look, however I do use pinks for days where I need a much brighter look! So this colour was perfect as it was a bright blue toned red that was perfect for added style and sass in the summer.

The packaging is a thin shiny plastic unlike MAC's usual frosted black/grey this a pure black with Maleficent written on the base.

It applies like a dream like all MAC lipsticks however I do wish I had brought the lip liner to match so I could get a more defined edge! Definitely worth buying, I recommend!!!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Removing Semi-Permanent Hair Colour with Vitamin C #01

As you all know I recently died my hair a bright blue over my blonde ombrè and I loved it. Now I'm bored and really would like my blonde back before I choose my next hair mission which I can't start till I remove this colour! I have tried washing my hair with strong cheap shampoo (I used Sport Wash&Go from Poundland - very nasty!!) and it was working but I want to speed up the process.

So I looked up online what I could do to remove it without using a colour rewind treatment as I can't do that on green hair with the fear that the bleaching side of the colour rewinder will be green as well! So I have been using Fairy Liquid, cheap shampoo and leaving it on for as long as I can bare then washing out and deep conditioning afterwards as it is very drying! Be careful if you try this not to use a colour protect conditioner other your work will be for nothing!

Fairy liquid (dish soap) has removed a large amount of the strong blue but I'm left with a pastel colour turquoise, so last night I tried Vitamin C tablets. My mum fortunately got a free gift from Simply Supplements of 30 250mg Vitamin C tablets so this barely cost me anything - but Vitamin C tablets or powder are widely available for a low price.
This is my hair before applying the treatment.

All I had to do was crush the tablets (2500mg = 10 tablets) - I used a pestle and mortar as we had one but you can crush in a plastic bag with a spoon. Mixed with 40ml of shampoo (I got this from Savers for £1) and stir, I couldn't be bothered to go downstairs with a spoon haha!
Wet your hair, don't shampoo. Apply to the areas you want to lift the colour from (please note it won't remove all the colour just lift more out than usual shampoo). Then cover with a plastic bag or clingflim, I chose clingfilm as it was only the ends of my hair. 
Leave for as long as you want, I waited 1 1/2 hours as I wanted to wash it out and go to bed! Shampoo and deep condition with a good quality set just something that isn't colour protecting and dry/style as usual. This was my results this morning. I am really pleased with the results even though it doesn't look much in photos it is much lighter and more of a pastel than it was originally. I will probably do this again in a couple of days to carry on lightening my hair. 

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Nail Polish

I was very fortunate to win Lisa's giveaway from (go check here out!) and am now the proud owner of my first China Glaze nail polish! It is a crackle glaze, for those who don't know how they work its a fast drying topcoat that then separates to form a 'cracked' finished.

I've experimented with a few crackle polish but never really become attached as it tends to be bumpy and uneven however this China Glaze one is actually a smooth finish which is very nice!

It dries quickly, much faster than a standard polish, so it's really good if you fancy a quick touch up then you can put this over the top to spruce up your nails.

Thank you Lisa!!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Favourites | April

This is a bit late but it's only 11 days in May so only it's only been a week (and a bit but shhhh ;) ). I managed to use a few different bits last month so I could post a favourites of newer products!
L'Oreal Hot & Smooth Hot Straight Spray

The way I style my hair has now changed forever due to this amazing spray! You may have only seen when I brought this spray in my haul here but I wasn't too sure on whether it was as brilliant as it should be well.... it is PERFECT! It's from L'Oreal and is a lovely low budget price of £3.69 (although on offer for £2.46 here right now) which is really cheap for a heat protecting smoothing spray. L'Oreal in my opinion have really upped their game at the moment with the new Studio Line products especially this. The "Hot & Smooth" Hot Straight Spray is now part of my haircare routine and gives me smooth, long lasting straight with minimum frizz without added grease or weight into my hair. 

I went to repurchase my GinZing Moisturiser that I have cherished and used daily since Summer 2013 when I spotted it in John Lewis in Oxford. I hadn't quite finished the tub but I left it at my boyfriend's house to save carrying it with me on the plane every time! After my driving theory test - which I passed first time :D - I thought I would treat myself to a new tub and I definitely chose the right day to go in! I got a free 30ml sample of Origins Night-A-Mins Night Cream. 30ml is quite big for a moisturiser sample I thought, and it is meant to be a 4 week sample but I've had it now for around 3 weeks and barely got into it! But I have fallen in love with it. I really want to expand my Origins range as I prefer natural products to horribly over-scented chemically ones.

Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Moisturiser

Origins GinZing Moisturiser

If you're unaware of these Origins products I'll help you out. GinZing is a lightweight, energy boosting gel moisturiser that smells like coffee beans! It's really good and it doesn't cause my temperamental skin to break out so it's perfect for everyone and in balance with a good night cream I've stopped getting my dry skin patches so that makes makeup application much easier and looks much healthier.
Night-A-Mins is a quite rich night cream but the formula is safe for oily or spot prone skin (like mine) but it keeps me hydrated unlike most moisturisers for oily skin I've found. Night-A-Mins is actually the best in the Origins for combination/ dry skin so that's great! Neither are too expensive either with GinZing at £23.00 and Night-A-Mins at £34.00.

My final favourites this month has to be my two eyebrow products that have made my eyebrows look better than ever! I struggle with my eyebrows due to a little missing match and the annoying fact that they are dark although I'm naturally blonde so I didn't want to make them appear darker when I still had my natural colour. But now with a great load of confidence I am happy to accept my darker brows.

Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown has been around for quite a while but not until I started using a darker eyebrow pencil did I realise how much I like it. The best way to describe it is a brown mascara for your eyebrows. It adds a small amount of colour whilst moving and holding your brows into the place you want them. The second part of the duo is Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in 004 Black Brown. This fills in my brows well and is a nice soft pencil that you can easily make stronger or lighter by pressing at different intensities. The spoolie that comes attached the lid doesn't really do much as it is too hard and brush like so I have to use another that I have with my YBF eyebrow pencil but apart from that it lasts well and is good quality! 

Toodle pip till next time! xxx

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Glossybox April

Sorry this is late but I've already apologised for my absence! Nothing special on the Glossybox this month with a theme, I love the theme boxes and think they are much better than the standard pale pink boxes in contents as well as design. 

Emite Lip Brush L312

I don’t use many lip product that need a brush as I tend to be in too much of a hurry to bother with one or I just use lipsticks how they are designed to be used. I may or may not find a use for this brush, I think the only time it may be used is if I need to use it for a vibrant or dark colour that I can’t quite fill in the edges without going onto my face therefore leaving a stain Not a bad quality product though, I just wish it was a different type of brush! 

MonuSpa Warming Ginger Massage & Body  Oil 

I’ve never had a massage from anyone, I crave that I had though! I struggle with my joints after dancing intensively for 14 years on already bad joints from birth (hypermobility) – my ankle clicks with every other movement on bad days. So I’ll be using this next time my calf muscles can’t take it much more. I really can’t wait to see if it works! It is really nice as it works with baths and showers so it's nice and multi purpose :) 

Sunsense Daily Faxe SPF 50+ Invisible Tint Finish  

I’m English,  I’m pale, in hot weather I turn into Rudolph and have a bright red nose from sunburn. Most suncreams are not designed for facial skin and contain oil or alcohol – both not great for the skin. Receiving a tinted suncream of SPF 50 seems great as North Holland gets very hot in the summer months and I’m going there for 2 weeks so I really don’t want to come back to England with a really burnt face.

The added tint also saves applying an additional layer of foundation or BB cream so that will be good! It’s a shame with this sample being a tear off cap though as I can’t see if the shade will be suitable for me as I’ve had some other samples that are way too dark from GlossyBox before.

MeMeMe Beat The Blues Illuminator 

Is anyone else seeing what I see? Dupe for Benefit’s High Beam maybe? Same shape, same applicator, same look. But is it up to scratch? Not really. Similar to High Beam, dab three little dots along the cheek bone and blend in to create a highlight.
It is pink-toned which I prefer as it adds the correct shade to my natural rosy cheeks unlike … which is yellow toned which will only make me look ill/ jaundice unfortunately. It doesn't seem to have much staying power on my skin and wears off in about 2-3 hours, plus I find it difficult to see if it has any effect on my skin unless I'm really peering in the mirror to see the shimmer. 

MeMeMe Cosmetics have come through my letterbox before inside a Glossybox, and sadly I was not impressed. It was a lip and cheek tint that smelled bizarre and tasted weird without much stain affect on my lips – I never tried on my cheeks.

TRESemmé Dry Shampoo

TRESemmé are also an old favourite of Glossybox, wish I kept the card to see if it was from the same box as the MeMeMe tint! The time instead of a mini hairspray, this is a mini dry shampoo. I’ve tried Superdrug’s own brand dry shampoo and V05 Refresh, but I’ve always reverted to Batiste.  Overall rating: 6/10 - I'm going to stop getting Glossybox after my subscription finishes this month and start possibly Birchbox. If you have any suggestions on the best subscription box please comment below!

Toodle pip till next time! xxx