Monday, 23 December 2013

Review | Evolution of Smooth EOS Sphere Lip Balm

First review time! 

Coming up to Christmas so I brought myself a little treat! I never knew you could get these in the UK for a reasonable price, until when one of my Dad's colleaguges tried to get me them in America on a business trip but couldn't find the flavour I wanted as they were sold out! Then I hunted round one day whilst bored at work and found them on for £9.99 for a duo pack and free UK delivery! 

The package turned up within 2 days of ordering which was nice to have it before Christmas and before my trip to Holland as I don't think the cold will do any favours for my lips.

EOS Sphere

I love the packaging of the EOS Sphere as it is small but reasonably sized so it is nice to hold. It has a nice smooth matte finish the hard shell with a lid that looks in place so no more pesky lost lids like with standard stick lip balms.

I have only tried the Strawberry Sorbet flavour but I'll open the Pomegranate Raspberry one soon. The flavour is great and taste like it says instead of a horribly chemically taste. This is probably due to the EOS Sphere being 100% natural and 95% organic which is rather nice meaning it can even be used on the most sensitive skin (unless you're allergic to any ingredients of course!). 

It makes your lips feel refreshed and ready to go with the first day's application, I normally use when I moisturise my face. I then tend to top it up if my lipstick wears off before reapplying that or then once I get home and take it off. Also just before bed so my lips can reap in the benefits whilst I sleep. 

EOS Sphere Review

My lips feel better than they have in weeks and I have only been using the EOS sphere since Saturday, I recommend it as a must buy! 

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Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and enjoys the holidays! 
Toodle pip till next time! xxx